Day 972 Approaching 1000 days of daily blogging. 

Neither sleet nor snow nor sickness nor activity will stop the daily posting. Only 28 days to go til DAY 1000!!! I started out aiming at 50 days and didn’t think I would make that goal. So now I have far surpassed that. 

Waiting for His Shift at the Inner Bean. 

He sits out on the sidewalk in front of the Inner Bean reading and smoking cigarettes till time for his lunch shift. He’s a fixture there. And no idea of his name. Need to fix that. 

This guy was sitting under my favorite light at the Bean. I think I need another go at that light. Because the table is near the window it gets a great light on a sunny day. 

It’s a high table so the angle is off on it. 

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. Lamy Safari pen. Stillman and Birn Alpha 

Off to shop for a few more supplies.  Starting another online class tomorrow with Julianna Coles Book of the Night extreme journalism. She offers a lot of other classes in visual journaling.  I really enjoyed  her week in the sketchbookskool class Polishing.  

And yes I started scribbling this morning on another page but not done enough yet to share it. Stand by!!  

Ttyl Margaret xoxox off to walk the dogs and get an old kids book to turn into a journal. Oh and wet wipes. Required!! 

Day 971 It’s Saturday 

And I went to the flat track races today in Aiken. Almost forgot to blog. Oopsey. 

Today I didn’t feel like standing up and painting so I drew. I also needed some fodder to alter sooo I drew a lot. This is probably the best of the batch and is drawn with caran dache neoclor ii watercolor crayons. Always fun. The best part was that since I am going to alter them it doesn’t matter if they are the best art ever which is liberating. 

This is the first one I did.  Pencil. 

Number 2 pencil and Prismacolor pencil. 

Number four caran dache again.  

Tom Needham’s watercolor. He really caught Andreas look. 

Al Beyer’s watercolor. Great job as usual. 

A.C.Daniels lovely small oil. My fav I think. 

Drew Murphys big acrylic. He had a terrible angle but this turned out great. 

Jeremy’s beautiful pencil sketch. 

Rachel’s Great watercolor. Hasn’t been painting but a few months so it’s really exceptional. 

Fred. What can I say a dentist sees us differently?!

Still working on the Avenging Angel. Decided her chest was a little too much white. 

Anyway. Ttyl

Margaret xoxoxo