Day 971 It’s Saturday 

And I went to the flat track races today in Aiken. Almost forgot to blog. Oopsey. 

Today I didn’t feel like standing up and painting so I drew. I also needed some fodder to alter sooo I drew a lot. This is probably the best of the batch and is drawn with caran dache neoclor ii watercolor crayons. Always fun. The best part was that since I am going to alter them it doesn’t matter if they are the best art ever which is liberating. 

This is the first one I did.  Pencil. 

Number 2 pencil and Prismacolor pencil. 

Number four caran dache again.  

Tom Needham’s watercolor. He really caught Andreas look. 

Al Beyer’s watercolor. Great job as usual. 

A.C.Daniels lovely small oil. My fav I think. 

Drew Murphys big acrylic. He had a terrible angle but this turned out great. 

Jeremy’s beautiful pencil sketch. 

Rachel’s Great watercolor. Hasn’t been painting but a few months so it’s really exceptional. 

Fred. What can I say a dentist sees us differently?!

Still working on the Avenging Angel. Decided her chest was a little too much white. 

Anyway. Ttyl

Margaret xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Day 971 It’s Saturday 

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks. I think it’s just lots of practice. And then more practice. Like playing tennis or piano. The more you practice the easier it is and better you get.

      Liked by 1 person

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