Daisies so I tweaked it a bit more today. I have to say Irena Roman gave the best directions. I wrote them down during her session at Watercolorlive 2023 then offline I religiously followed them. The only thing I would do differently is make a bigger one. All that work and it’s only 1/4 sheet of fabriano 300# cold press. Next one at least a half sheet.

Usually pouring you mix the colors on this page. Can’t wait to try Linda Bakers approach but this one you mixed them in a cup, masked the figure and sprayed the sheet with a spray bottle then flooded it with three layers of color.

The masking was endless ruined a brush in the process and took a half an hour of hard running to get off but it’s definitely interesting to play with. Didn’t make a huge mess.

Colors used. Well only five or six. Inanthrodone blue dioxizine purple viridian ultramarine violet and quin gold for the flooding.

Cad yellow aureolin cobalt teal and a few oddball greens for the leaves and details. Thalo blue added to the mix of blues for the jar.

I actually used a 2 and a 4 Isabey kolinski painting these. I don’t know when I last used those brushes. An 8 is small for me!

Last night off the back porch.

Margaret xoxoxo who forgot to upload this yesterday. Oops.

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Day 1742 Inktober

I have been doing inktober aka 31 ink sketches. Question is do you make it to the finish line of one ink drawing a day?!!!

I threw one of those strips in my purse before I went to Costco. Sat down at the restaurant area and put my satchel purse up on the table to hide behind. Parking yourself somewhere with a good site line to streams of people is always a good idea when doing these.

Started drawing with my Namiki Fude pen-love it’s thick thin lines. I tried to finish it at Lowe’s today BUT huge trucks thought they needed to be close to the door and blocked my view. 🤨

Pretty soon I had a whole strip done. I ended up at the Walmart grocery store because they always have a good flow of people going in and out.

Be brave and go to Costco or sams and draw the herds of people that walk by. Lotsa fun.

Margaret xoxoxox hanging out with a friend who is heading back to Charleston tomorrow.

Day482 Paris

We should be touching down any minute in Paris. Can’t wait to get sketching in France. To stand in the haunts of some of my favorite painters Monet Degas Matisse Van Gogh and Cezanne will be amazing. To visit the Rouen cathedral that Monet painted how many times?! Got to paint it at least once. 


In the meantime going to post some of my Inktober sketches that I painted with the palettes I am taking with me. 

This one lit up my Instagram feed. And yes I did strip my kitchen floor. Evidently it also striped my fingernails even though I wore gloves but hey my floor looks brand new!! 

A quick brush pen sketch of one of the audience members at Best of Augusta. I just loved her look and couldn’t resist sketching her. Sometimes I find the audience members much more entertaining to draw than the bands that are playing. Her skin is burnt sienna with ultramarine blue for shadows. The hair is ultramarine blue and burnt umber. 

My dog Honey was painted with the Whiskey Painter palette only two colors. Ultramarine blue and burnt umber. Period. 

Thanks for reading. Pass me a croissant please!! 

Margaret xxx


Day 464 the last Best of Augusta #4

Another favorite of Bill Karp. Bytw he’s playing at the Cotton Patch in downtown Augusta this Saturday nite. 

I really like Bill’s stance in these.  Especially the first one. 

  Hand is a little rough but otherwise I like it. My excuse?? 

It was 9 pm and I was tired and on a sugar high from all the sweets at Best of Augusta. 
Oh what was my favorite food?? T’s out on Mike Padgett Hwy. They kept the hot hush puppies and fried catfish and tartar sauce flowing. And it was perfectly cooked. Everyone else had chicken chicken and more chicken.  
The last sketch I did of Bill. Not a perfect hand but I like it.

We left loaded up with cake, cookies and Krispy Kreme donuts.  All those sweet treats still sitting on the kitchen counter. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 463 more Best of Augusta #3


  Once i switched to the Pentel brush pen life improved. Or maybe it was Bill Karp singing Frank Sinatra?! His 100th birthday. Frank’s not Bills!!!  
This is my favorite sketch of Bill. A good stance. Shoes look good and a good hand. Score!! 

I kept trying to draw Bills hand. He waved them around a lot. I. Perpetual motion. 

Finally a good hand though I made him a little fat. Oops sorry Bill!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

Day 462 more Best of Augusta

I forgot to mention that I was sketching with my friend Ruth Pearl again like at arts in the hearts. Always a lot of fun drawing with her.  

  PHillip Lee and a friend. I can’t remember his name but when they aren’t singing at clubs you will find them singing at Wesley United Methodist Church on Sundays. 

This is actually the last sketch I did of Phillip. Done with a Noodler Konrad  with carbon Pltinum black ink. Better but not great.  Usually I love my Noodler pens but NOT last nite.  
Another sketch of Phillip with the Konrad.   
This was the one that made me put up the a Noodler Creaper. Oops what was I thinking? A warm up right?! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx