Day 2070 Problems Problems

Decided to add this lady to my sketchbook as a memory page.

She meets me at the back sliding door and peers thru the glass this way and that as if to say are you there. Where’s my breakfast??? It’s very funny.

Hahnemuhle Journal twisbee pen Charles Reid palette colors and Vlads neutral tint which is dioxzine purple indigo and burnt sienna.

Advantage of using his neutral tint or making your own is that you can shift it to blue purple or brown maki g it a flexible grey that Vlad never paints without it on his palette.

Miss squirrel earlier added some ground under her feet with the neutral tint so the nice highlights on them would show. And splattered it a bit with the neutral tint.

wouldn’t let me upload these pics yesterday. ­čśÁ­čśÁ­čśÁ

Seems I have run out of storage on WordPress. I either have to Del a lot of old photos which is oh so difficult to do or pay $200 more a year for unlimited storage. Groan.

wouldn’t let me upload this one either so added it today.

So while I am deciding I Del a lot of my friends nudes and I bet the pages look like Swiss cheese. Sorry friends and dear readers. I still love you.

Here’s the final painting again. Do wish I had left the metal strip on the side.

That freed up a little space.

wondering why I didn’t do this one but I think I will maybe on the opposite page.

Oh. Went to see Anne Hathaway’s new movie The Hustle. Funny well only occasionally. Best part was the French Riviera scenery the French music and Anne’s fabulous clothes.

Skip it and go see Poms. Much funnier.

Margaret In p189 of Redemption. Only 200+ pages to go.

Ttyl. Xoxoxo

Day 241 – Mary Ann’s Cup


One of the assignments for sketchbookskool is to paint a teacup. ┬áI have my great great grandmother’s coffee cup. ┬áI had already painted her husband’s coffee cup earlier and had meant to paint Mary Ann’s but not quite gotten around to it. ┬á So it was a great opportunity to do it.┬á┬á


Mary Ann and her sister Sarah Purcell Robinson

I really don’t know alot about Mary Ann other than she raised my grandmother and when my great grandmother decided to ride a horse astride in a horse race she would NOT have it. ┬áShe told my great grandmother she would NOT be riding on a horse like a man. ┬áShe also had a great collection of family photos of her and her Purcell family. And thats about all I know about her. She died a year after her husband of many years. ┬áStrange that I would have her coffee cup and not know more about her.

Back to that coffee cup.  I drew it with my Noodler Flex pen with De Artremis Brown Document ink. I meant to do the whole spread with that pen but OPPS picked up the other Noodler that had Lexington Grey ink in it.  I am glad at least it was not black. Of course I did not realize it till I was well along with the grey writing and drawing the map of Oklahoma.

I can’t say I really enjoyed painting this cup. I wanted to draw more birds and squirrels but since I signed up for SBS I wanted to see it thru.

I think the cup is slightly out of round but so would you be if you were a hundred years old!! LOL..

I drew it first with a yellow ochre watercolor pencil…probably should have used a grey one. ┬áColors used Cad yellow light, cerulean, yellow ochre, quinacridone sienna, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, quin rose and cobalt.

AP's Coffee Cup

AP’s Coffee Cup

This is her husband, A P Johnson’s cup. ┬áIf you see paper glued on a journal page you can be SURE that I messed up the lettering and fixed it with another piece of paper!!


Mary Ann and AP Johnson with Dad, 1923

BYTW I thought perhaps her cup was not old. It just doesn’t look as old as AP’s except the pattern on them is very similar-same feathery odd looking leaves and pink flowers. ┬áI never would have noticed that had I not painted them both.

Thanks for looking!

Day 234 – Cross Hatching┬á

And other fun ways to draw!!


I have an extensive button collection. How many cans of them do I have? You don’t want to know. This is a few of them. 

It took three or four hours to draw and cross hatch them all. I was really pleased I didn’t have any ink smears like I usually do. For once I worked left to right. No pencil was used drawing the buttons.  I did pencil I the letters so I could get them spaced out correctly.

All that clean background paper demanded zero messes on the letters. I frequently get into trouble when I start scribbling all over the drawings like I am prone to do. Then I collage over the words. If you see a sketch collaged you can just about be sure theres a mess under the paper. 

Done with my Noodler Creaper Ahab on Strathmore 500 mixed Media journal paper. 


A Sbs assignment was to practice continuous writing. I think I did that. 

A quote from a funny friend on a blank page in my Handprint journal with a pink Varsity Pilot pen. This is the third attempt.

 The others follow. I learned that paper and pen does matter when writing these quotes. The handprint journal did not bleed like the Strathmore did when using a fountain pen. 


Varsity pilot pens again on another blank page in the old handprint journal. There were two blank pages because I really hate using watercolor in this journal though it is supposed to be watercolor paper. 

´╗┐´╗┐Another Noodler on the Strathmore 500. It seemed to catch on the paper.  This looked to be an easy exercise but it wasn’t.  Just trying to space the writing out wasn’t easy.

This is a great pen I got last week from Goulet so I really think half the problem was the Strathmore 500. Not smooth enough for calligraphy. The rest was this was harder than it looks!! Spacing the words out is hard when you have been programmed for years to quit writing after each word. 


The fly page of a Moleskine watercolor journal. The paper was terrible to write on. But don’t you love the quote!?  This is not done on the regular Wc paper in the journal but the back of the page that you wrote your name on. 


´╗┐´╗┐Kilimanjaro paper with a Varsity Pilot Pen. Not bad. The pen liked the paper and didn’t stick to it like some of the others.   

I guess you could conclude that the paper has a lot to do with how easy it is to do calligraphy. If your assignment didn’t turn out well try another paper. 

Thanks for looking!!