Day 1738 bits n bobs

Worked on this for a while today. Added more background. More darks in the bouquet and on the pears. Time to eat the pears. More work required on the slay and pepper or maybe cobalt blue in the background to make them show up?!

Added the mineral purple and cobalt blue to the background of this sketch of Emily. Trying to decide if her feet are too small. Maybe legs too long. Sigh. Sooner or later I will decide. Or maybe turn em into mulch.

Also finishing this sock up.

Nap time. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1737 It’s Saturday

Emily 19″x24″ Strathmore Bristol need to soften the edge of her hair.

The sketch

Second break a little leggy

Drew Murphy second break. He can cover a lot of territory fast. 2×3 FEET

Amy Lockhart Ness Watercolor

Eva’s charcoal she’s an electrician!!

Bill Daniels oil

zany Fred’s large acrylic.

Al Beyer’s small oil

Tom Needhams lovely small watercolor

Margaret putting her feet up and grabbing a remote control. Xoxoxox

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Day 1736 What You Do When you Listen to Hearings

You draw the participants. Of course since I am prone to a bird flew by syndrome I never got started drawing the others except an outline of the Arizona prosecutor.

Pentel brush pen Superaquabee sketchbook. Charles Reid watercolors.

As I said on instagram I wanna be a court artist when I grow up and do reportage. How exciting a job would that be right now?!

I got rid of the awful blue stripe that was up her side.


Now. I may do more to her if she talks to me. I blogged the stripe up with a damp paper towel. Then I added some burnt sienna to the blue.

Fluid watercolor paper with Charles Reid colors

I painted a few of my gesture poses.

Then I started this one. I am surprised at didn’t ruin it listening to all the vindictive spewing from the hearings in the afternoon. I finally had to turn it off and watch a good thriller Jack Ryan on Amazon.

Fluid watercolor paper with Charles Reid colors.

Margaret who needs to get outta the house today. Oh and finish the flowers.


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Day 1735 A Bit of Bird fun

I throw sunflower seeds out to the birds and squirrels just so they will model for me. Shhh they don’t know it. They are just getting fat for the winter.

These are all done in my small old 5×7″ watercolor moleskin. Some on toned pages pressured with yellow ochre.

I released the watercolor and inktense pencil with that ratty tea bag left over from my morning tea because I was too sorry to get up and get some water.

Back to the tea bag. I just put it down on the cardinals and pulled it across the birds smearing the watercolor pencil. Kind of like the effect.

I think some of these would be fun done as long strips on that long skinny leftover watercolor paper we all have. Maybe I need to add a few pieces to my pile on the den coffee table. It all helps to have everything right there where you like to sit and knit or watch tv.

Hugs Margaret who is NOT watching the news all day today. Really I am not well maybe not. Another wild crazy day in DC. Xoxoxo.

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Day 1734 A Winner

Dancing the Night Away has won a prize at the South Carolina Watermedia Show. Of course I won’t know what the prize is til I go to the reception on Oct 6 at the City Art Gallery in Columbia. Cross your fingers and toes for me please.

Finally finished these socks and they are off to their new home. #winteriscoming

Margaret who is still worn out from her Atlanta trip topped off with book club.

Dance the night Away is a Winner at the SC State Watermedia Show. No idea what it won but it won. Hurrah. #southcarolina #cityart #acrylic #lechat #lechatnoir #dancing #burlesque #augusta #columbia #atlanta #scws #allaprima #impasto

Day 1733 More Kate Marie

Off to book club and want to post before I go. Still need to work on the background. And what’s with the red patch on her chest.

Maybe she’s just fit for garden mulch?!!

The sketch first break

Second break. One thing about a good sketch is that you don’t want to screw it up which inhibits you.

Third break

Fourth break

And the way she looks now. A mess.

Margaret off to book club after racing back from Atlanta. Kate Marie Cofsky awesome mode @katemariecofsky 16×22” fluid watercolor paper. #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #allaprima #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #lifemodel #charlesreid

Day 1736 Kate Marie

Always worth a drive to Atlanta to draw the amazing Miss Kate Marie Cofsky. She can do poses I have only seen one other model do.

All those arms and legs going different directions make for insane tough drawing. And she’s so slim. Don’t want to draw her fat. The things she did with that darn rope. Like I was at Dr Sketchys.

Second break.

Third break

Done. Think I could use a touch more work on her right arm and maybe add some more darks to the background. I used cerulean. Cobalt might be a better choice to make the figure pop more.

Fluid 140# cold press watercolor paper

Paints – Holbein M Graham or Daniel Smith

flesh-cad red light and yellow ochre.

Shadows-Cerulean cad red light and burnt sienna.

Hair -hansa yellow yellow ochre raw umber.

Throws-Brilliant orange raw umber ultramarine for the brown and orange.

Rope-quin gold cerulean and burnt sienna.

Tomorrow another day of drawing Miss Kate. She has something planned already. Margaret ready for a nap but might do her sons dishes first. Xoxoxo

Kate Marie Cofsky awesome mode @katemariecofsky 16×22” fluid watercolor paper. #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #allaprima #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #lifemodel #charlesreid

Day 1735 Hand time only 90 more to go😳

getting tired of drawing my own hand.

I mean how many ways can you twist your hand to draw it differently.

These are colored with watercolor pencils and then wet. You never know how they will turn out. I used the watery brush I released the pencil with to splatter the pages.

Glued on some ephemera we all accumulate in our lives. That stuff is making the sketchbook heavy.

Margaret off to Atlanta to draw at Atlanta Artist Center tomorrow. Kate Marie here I come. Xoxoxo

100 hands …got to 10 I think #hands #stillmanandbirn #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #charlesreid #watercolor #drawing #sketching #lifemodel

Day 1733 Saturday or Emily torture

I decided to use my Bob Burridge color wheel for my limited palette.

I think all the sugar from the cookies fried my brain today I felt like sludge til Fred made me a latte espresso.

Main colors used were alizarin cerulean cobalt ultramarine a Daniels smith green and cad yellow deep. Strathmore Bristol Board.

Margaret who is still Tahred. Fred. Where’s my latte?!! 🤗xoxoxo

Her foreshortened right arm was a problem. Also the fact that there’s no room to stand back and look at your sketch.

Thomas Needhams lovely small watercolor.

Always enjoy what Fred comes up with besides a great latte. He’s getting a Bob Burridge good proof color wheel too. Makes it so easy to choose a limited palette.

Don’t forget about BobBlasts by Bob Burridge. 220 videos on YouTube about painting and drawing. Probably my fav YouTube artist.

Another lovely head sketch from Jeremy Sutherland.

Amy Lockhart Ness what a long way she has come so fast. Watercolor I think.

Dawns pastel. Really dramatic improvement. She decide to use a pencil sketch.

Al Beyer’s lovely head. Small oil.

Bill Daniels really did a great job today. Limited palette oil.

I think her name is Eve. Lovely charcoal.

Our other model Ilania’s limited palette pencil sketch of Emily.

That’s a wrap folks. Ttyl. Nap time. Going to stream some Bobblasts and do nothing for a while.

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Day 1733 Zoe time

Zoe ignoring me in her basket. There is a dog in the middle of all that inky texture. Really there is. Maybe I should call this find the dog?! 😂

So paintings are still not getting done BUT I made four dozen more cookies. Only took all afternoon and evening yesterday and about 6 more hours today to decorate them. I MIGHT be getting over the baking urge. Maybe.

All that baking has worn me out. Squeezing the rock hard icing bag does too. A new appreciation for a piped icing line here. Just remember icing on the thin side is better than icing that stands up in perky peaks. Peaks = rich hard icing. Not something you ever wanna ice a cookie with. Eeek.

Lamy EF Eelskin noodler ink and Strathmore and birn journal

Margaret Tahred and going to bed. Hugs. Xoxoxox