Day 1733 Saturday or Emily torture

I decided to use my Bob Burridge color wheel for my limited palette.

I think all the sugar from the cookies fried my brain today I felt like sludge til Fred made me a latte espresso.

Main colors used were alizarin cerulean cobalt ultramarine a Daniels smith green and cad yellow deep. Strathmore Bristol Board.

Margaret who is still Tahred. Fred. Where’s my latte?!! 🤗xoxoxo

Her foreshortened right arm was a problem. Also the fact that there’s no room to stand back and look at your sketch.

Thomas Needhams lovely small watercolor.

Always enjoy what Fred comes up with besides a great latte. He’s getting a Bob Burridge good proof color wheel too. Makes it so easy to choose a limited palette.

Don’t forget about BobBlasts by Bob Burridge. 220 videos on YouTube about painting and drawing. Probably my fav YouTube artist.

Another lovely head sketch from Jeremy Sutherland.

Amy Lockhart Ness what a long way she has come so fast. Watercolor I think.

Dawns pastel. Really dramatic improvement. She decide to use a pencil sketch.

Al Beyer’s lovely head. Small oil.

Bill Daniels really did a great job today. Limited palette oil.

I think her name is Eve. Lovely charcoal.

Our other model Ilania’s limited palette pencil sketch of Emily.

That’s a wrap folks. Ttyl. Nap time. Going to stream some Bobblasts and do nothing for a while.

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Day 1733 Zoe time

Zoe ignoring me in her basket. There is a dog in the middle of all that inky texture. Really there is. Maybe I should call this find the dog?! 😂

So paintings are still not getting done BUT I made four dozen more cookies. Only took all afternoon and evening yesterday and about 6 more hours today to decorate them. I MIGHT be getting over the baking urge. Maybe.

All that baking has worn me out. Squeezing the rock hard icing bag does too. A new appreciation for a piped icing line here. Just remember icing on the thin side is better than icing that stands up in perky peaks. Peaks = rich hard icing. Not something you ever wanna ice a cookie with. Eeek.

Lamy EF Eelskin noodler ink and Strathmore and birn journal

Margaret Tahred and going to bed. Hugs. Xoxoxox