Day 1727 Tomorrows Saturday but in the meantime

Draw what you see. Is there anything better than a new honeycrisp Apple?! My favorite. How about you. Kind of fond of my gold Lamy EF and that pink opi nail polish.

Back to hurricane watching.

Miss Florence’s outer bands wafting by the Savannah river is high. Corps of engineer releasing water from the upstream reservoir

Wonder where it will go next.

On the upside my chest cold is almost gone. And tomorrow’s Saturday in Aiken time to draw and the hurricane won’t mess that up.


Margaret xoxoxox wondering if we might make Edisto yet. Crossing all her fingers and toes.

Day 1726 Gestures and a new tripod easel top

Emily. One minute gestures 16×20 cp fluid paper 2B lead Derwent pencil

I really had meant to paint this by today but coulda shoulda woulda I didn’t. Might just paint the three on the left and cut off the other two. We shall see.

In the meantime I have been making a new easel top for my Zoomei tripod base. The Zoomei tripod base is great once you learn how to work it. Not too heavy like my big tripod, nice case that’s easy to carry over your shoulder. I can open up the legs more for more stability. Raise it to stand at it. Very versatile.

I got a couple of pieces of corrugated plastic at Lowes this morning and gorilla glued them together. Why corrugated plastic?! It’s light weight but rigid. Don’t want anything heavy in case I go plein air painting. Then I taped the edges with clear library tape. Those edges can scratch because I didn’t think to curve the corners. Anyway I love clear library tape. Archival lasts forever or til the book falls apart.

After letting it set up for two hours under weights I found the boards center and gorilla glued a guerilla painter tripod base on the back.

Here it is showing the tripod. The board will pop off to make carrying easier. I probably should add a handle or cut one out with my packing knife and tape it too. We shall see.

Position one of my 18×24″


Position 2. I may go back and get a couple of more pieces of the corrugated board. At $2 a piece I can make a small one too. The reverse side has graduation hats. 🤣which is why it was so cheap. Much cheaper than one I got a Cheap Joes.

Margaret still watching that cane run wild. Xoxoxo

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