Day 1732 Happy+Sugar Cookies=Joy

Who says sugar cookies can’t be artwork? Been working on these for two days along with a few jillion cheese crackers.

First time ever making royal icing too. Was so happy when the icing hardened up so I could wrap these babies up for delivery to Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman a local artist and the genius behind the Happy stickers buttons and the Happy movie.

You can follow him on Instagram @pantone811.

He gives his stickers and buttons a ya for free.Truly an Augusta phenomenon. Leonard had a real sweet tooth so every now and then I leave a batch of cookies for him at art on Broad for him. Usually they are chocolate chip. This time they are hand cut out and decorated sugar cookies based on a sidewalk drawing he did a few weeks ago. I saw the drawings and watched a baking show and thought those sketches would be perfect for some cookies.

Voila they are here. Only problem I may have to make a few more since friends want some too. Groan. Too hot to bake right now.

Margaret xoxoxox who thinks cookies can be art.

What happens when you watch too many baking shows!! Bringing some happy cookies to @pantone811 tomorrow. Wait for the phone call. #sugarcookies #cute #happy #pantone811 #porkchop #augusta #georgia #cookies #baking #baker #royalicing #makemyporkchop