Day 1736 What You Do When you Listen to Hearings

You draw the participants. Of course since I am prone to a bird flew by syndrome I never got started drawing the others except an outline of the Arizona prosecutor.

Pentel brush pen Superaquabee sketchbook. Charles Reid watercolors.

As I said on instagram I wanna be a court artist when I grow up and do reportage. How exciting a job would that be right now?!

I got rid of the awful blue stripe that was up her side.


Now. I may do more to her if she talks to me. I blogged the stripe up with a damp paper towel. Then I added some burnt sienna to the blue.

Fluid watercolor paper with Charles Reid colors

I painted a few of my gesture poses.

Then I started this one. I am surprised at didn’t ruin it listening to all the vindictive spewing from the hearings in the afternoon. I finally had to turn it off and watch a good thriller Jack Ryan on Amazon.

Fluid watercolor paper with Charles Reid colors.

Margaret who needs to get outta the house today. Oh and finish the flowers.


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