Day 1728 It’s Saturday

Princess Ilania as we teasingly called her. Her hair reminded all of us of Princess Leia.

40 minutes first break

Strathmore illustration paper. 19×24″ always get at least a very interesting painting when I use watercolor on this slick paper.

Second break

It acts like hot press.

Finished I think. Colors used. Cad red light cad yellow Light cerulean dioxzine purple burnt sienna cobalt violet for skin. Hair burnt sienna burnt umber and ultramarine blue. Most of the painting was done with 1-2″ flat and my #10 da Vinci sable a great brush and my 8 Cheap Joes faux squirrel mop.

Al Beyer’s lovely oil portrait

Drew Murphy 2×3′ acrylic he was painting in a very dark corner.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor. 10×15″

Coach who always sits on the floor and loving the new foam squares Drew and Fred and Al put down this week.

Fred who had the best light in the room. Loved that quin magenta.

Bill Daniels who was wearing a headlight to see the colors. Nice painting!

Not sure if the lady who drew this nice charcoal.

And that’s a wrap. A lot of people stayed home Florence is coming. Mostly rain.

Margaret snug as a bug anher house where it’s gently raining. Xoxoxox

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