Day 2001 That’s a number!😳🤗

Drawing the back porch squirrels. Might need some more words.

And maybe I liked it better as a sketch?! Especially like the squirrel on the top left. Like the fact that he’s just a few lines drawn quickly but you know he’s a squirrel.

I painted it with this FanFare paint set my friend Mike sent me. The colors are nice and intense with a regular brush. They also moisten easily.

I did try once again to use the water brush but rather stick with a sable or a black velvet.

Just can’t get the hang of squeezing enough water to soften edges w a waterbrush.

I do think this is a handy compact gadget to have in your purse or car to paint with on the spur of the moment. Has everything. 43 juicy rich colors a mixing palette a sponge and the brush.

I will use it again. Thanks Mike!

Margaret off for a walk before it rains Xoxoxox

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Day 2000 🤗🍾💥🎉🤗

So what did I do today on this landmark day I watched some landmark testimony on CBS.

Drawing the talking heads

Update: Tweaked his head tonite. Think he’s finally there. Maybe. I can always mess w a sketch.

Michael Cohen. I kept several views going so I could flip between them

As he turns his head. Got a little blue on the lower face. Oh well. There’s more powe.

Ruth and I thought it would be a piece of cake to draw him. We decided that was a big NOPE.

So hard to draw.

I used 9 watercolor pencils. And mostly I used the Venetian Red a dark fleshy tan color.

Superaquabee sketchbook

OOOOOO the new sofa and chair are here. They are just PERFECT!’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍾🍾🍾

Margaret excited to be off to Dr Sketchys. Finally starting back up tonite. Already packed.

What do you bet more drawings tomorrow??

Drawing the Cohen hearings #Cohen #dnc #ink #sketching #dailydrawing #uscongress #politics #judiciary

Day 1899 SOB aka South of the Border

Got around to painting the last sketch this morning. Now I am off to life modeling in Aiken. Wish Scotty could beam me to Aiken. I would save about ten hours some weeks driving.

The sketch w a Lamy EF in a Stillman and Birn Zeta aka heavier paper.

I used my Charles Reid palette for the sketch. A white uniball gel pen.

Margaret Xoxoxoxo who actually wasn’t woken up by the neighbors dog barking at 4 am today. Hurrah. Xoxoxox

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Day 1898 BUSY day

Perhaps done. Hands probably need more work but Not today

When I finished last week. addin washes calling ever fifty shades of pink🤣. Many watery layers of cad red and cad yellow More background colors watery burnt umber and ultramarine blue.

Adding Daniel Smith green Apatite to background More shadows with the indanthrene and burnt umber on her right body. scrubbed off the bottom of her left hand. Hmm that could be what’s wrong with it. Looks better here. There’s only one model I know that resets her hands exactly that’s the fabulous Kate Marie. NO wait so does Annie Jefferson.

Shadows under around eyes. So much today. It takes hours.

Hand still needs work.

Love the roundness of the body and the shadows. Too bad I don’t smoke anymore. Lots of time to smoke while you paint layers a la Mario Robinson. dulling her hair down with burnt sienna. Mike voted the pink hair off the island.

More Layers of indanthrene blue and burnt umber on the blanket .

Lots of green background washes. Even some in her hair on the right trying to soften her hair and make her look less cut and pasted.

Staring at her now trying to decide how to fix her left hand. Any ideas. I know COMPOST pile.

In the meantime new carpet in the den. NEVER buy anything at Rooms to GO ever. This is their $500 carpet after one year. Fat chance getting that $$$ back. It’s off to the dump. New furniture Wednesday so been cleaning and polishing den. The old furniture made it hard to get to the built in shelves.

Is it bedtime yet?! Tahred Margaret in her wood rocker that’s comfier than her rooms to go furniture in the garage going to new homes or the dump. Either works for me. Xoxoxoxo

fifty shades of pink Might be done. Going to stare at her a while til we both agree. #portrait #nude #lifemodel #aiken #watercolor #transparent #marioarobinson #winsornewton #danielsmith

Day 1897 It’s Saturday

Andrea done I think. Hot press fluid 140#

She wiggles so much she’s hard to draw and paint so I finally just threw paint on her.

First break

Spent the first hour drawing her. I NEVER do that. I turned her around. I drew all of her. I erased her. Drew an awful face. Eeekk

Finally something decent. The 4h pencil was cutting grooves in the hot press paper. Sigh.

Second break. Cad red light and cad yellow light cerulean burnt sienna hair burnt sienna indanthrene and burnt sienna.

End of session yesterday.

A few minor corrections to be made to her eyebrows. They got lost in the shuffle though I drew them right

Background cobalt teal mineral violet. A big two inch Golden Fleece flat brush.

Drew Murphy end of session

First break

First break

Bill Daniels end of session

Coach end of session


Al Beyer

Tom Needham

Margaret off to buy a new den rug. Xoxoxox

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Day 1896 Barbette

spent far too long coloring her with my watercolor pencils today. I view it as practice to hopefully finish my painting from Mario A Robinson’s class.

the first layer of watercolor pencils. No water yet. Burnt sienna yellow ochre inadanthree blue

the washed out first layer of watercolor pencil.

another layer of colored pencils without washing it out with water

another layer of watercolor pencils. Alizarin on lips.

Burnt sienna and burnt umber ultramarine indanthrene blue yellow ochre and an odd ball blue background.

she really is much darker than this sketch. But once you go too dark you loose the painting.

The finished one at least for now

Here’s the whole page.

Margaret off to dinner with friends.


Quick ink sketch of our model Barbette #MarioARobinson Watercolor pencil @marioarobinson @aliapainter #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #northcarolina #raleigh #marioarobinson #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching nudesketch #portraits

Day 1895 – Getting close to 2000 daily posts. Eeek.

Not my best rendering of Mario. Probably took five minutes to draw. Little color test swatches on bottom Right.

Lazy day. Still don’t think I am over all my jaunts of the last two and half weeks. Aka jet lag.

Colored him with my watercolor pencils using yellow ochre burnt sienna a grey. Chrome green hat. Alizarin for reds. Indanthrene and ultramarine blues

Jeffery Callaham Art A friend of mine who lives up the road 15 miles or so. Teaches art at McCormick County High School and at Landers in Greenwood.

Jeffery Callaham Artist His grandmother have always loved his art work. There’s a story to go with every painting.

Lamy pen Stillman and Birn Zeta.

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Day 1894 Prof Joe

The sweetest hard working kid who inherited all of us oldies from the former Professor Al Beyer. Some of us have been painting longer than he’s been alive lol.

My favorite of these.

but he’s got an MFA from Indiana and his head his packed full of all kinds of art factoids.

He’s also an interesting introspective painter. Below is some of his artwork. Can’t remember if I shared it before. The names are BEFORE the art work.

this thing is HUGE. 8×10 feet 😳

Margaret who bought some flowers to paint today. Which will it be?! Xoxoxoxo

Drawing the professor while taking notes. #aiken #usca #sketchbook #sketching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch

Day 1893 BrEaKfaST

At New Moon. I know. Not my usual page but it’s fun. And I like it. That’s what counts right? It’s actually a journal page. My friend Tom and I blundered into the 10th Annual Hoofbeat Parade in downtown Aiken.

Only Aiken would have a horse parade with costumes.

I drew my late lunch at New Moon. Yummm. Their Downton mess Aiken style is sooo good. Pimento cheese which I always hated as a kid and grits and ham. Yummmy.

Anyway not what I intended to post. Been a crazy day.

Bought a new sofa at laZy boy to go with my chair. This sofa is one I actually thought about buying when I bought my current den sofa. Oopsey. Should have saved the $$$ and bought it.

I was going to draw at lazy boy but no wait time. Oh well. Lots of interesting things to draw in that place.

And old furniture listed on Facebook and Craigslist so hopefully gone soon. Fielding inquiries. It’s priced to move it out ASAP.

Margaret Xoxoxoxo putting her feet up and coloring in her book.

Day 1894 Alzeia

Alezia Hot Press Fluid paper 15×22”

The head was so small it was hard to paint. Love the hair. Painting vertical let it run and looks so soft.

Second break

First break.

I thought about trying to do the grisaille approach but you just can’t finish it in two hours minus breaks.

Costed her w quin gold. Colors used burnt sienna and cerulean for skin color. Darks burnt umber and French ultramarine

Pink is cad red light.

Hair burnt umber and French ultramarine

Drew Murphy. Didn’t get a shot of his finished. 2×3′ acrylic

Amy Lockhard Ness charcoal

Prof Joe Kameen a random sketch he did between offering help to everyone.

Dawns come along way!

Bill Daniels cherub. Oil on metal panel.

Margaret whose going to watch finding your roots. Love that show. Xoxoxox

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