Day 1897 It’s Saturday

Andrea done I think. Hot press fluid 140#

She wiggles so much she’s hard to draw and paint so I finally just threw paint on her.

First break

Spent the first hour drawing her. I NEVER do that. I turned her around. I drew all of her. I erased her. Drew an awful face. Eeekk

Finally something decent. The 4h pencil was cutting grooves in the hot press paper. Sigh.

Second break. Cad red light and cad yellow light cerulean burnt sienna hair burnt sienna indanthrene and burnt sienna.

End of session yesterday.

A few minor corrections to be made to her eyebrows. They got lost in the shuffle though I drew them right

Background cobalt teal mineral violet. A big two inch Golden Fleece flat brush.

Drew Murphy end of session

First break

First break

Bill Daniels end of session

Coach end of session


Al Beyer

Tom Needham

Margaret off to buy a new den rug. Xoxoxox

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