Day 1891 Super Mario

I know it’s Saturday BUT she told me she needs more work. I think I got Mario tall enough. Maybe. The first try was way too short. Hard to tell I am so short and he’s so tall. Also hard to get a long lean person all on one page.

I drew this while he was dancing and painting. Aka he lunges in and stabs at his painting then dances back. Looks are repeats the process. No wonder he’s so skinny. That takes a lot of energy.

I stand up and walk back from my painting and ran into the delicious scones Pete brought. NOT fair. 😱🤗 Deliciousness in the form of pastry.

Watercolor pencil twisbee pen w Deartrementis document brown ink and stillman and birn journal.

Margaret who has to get ready for wet paint party tonite but would rather stay home. And zzzz @marioarobinson @aliapainter #grisaille #fabriano #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #northcarolina #raleigh #marioarobinson #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart

Day 1890 Racing to Atlanta

The Little Professor was juried into a show at the Atlanta Artists Center in Buckhead so off I raced to Atlanta this morning. I would rather have stayed in bed.

The Little Professor was painted from a photo of my dad when he was three. His mother used to dress him up and parade him before her friends who would ask him questions. Since dad skipped two grades I am sure he knew the answers.

The Goodys Kodak Store on Ponce de Leon was also juried in. One of my favorite crusty rusty Atlanta landmarks.

So after a quick drop off. I hit the art stores to spend my Christmas and birthday gift cards before I loose them. Yes I have lost them before. One hour later I was at Trader Joe’s. Then on the road by 2:30. Wanted to beat the Friday rush hour. Home by five.

In bed soon. Hugs Margaret Xoxoxox