Day 1899 SOB aka South of the Border

Got around to painting the last sketch this morning. Now I am off to life modeling in Aiken. Wish Scotty could beam me to Aiken. I would save about ten hours some weeks driving.

The sketch w a Lamy EF in a Stillman and Birn Zeta aka heavier paper.

I used my Charles Reid palette for the sketch. A white uniball gel pen.

Margaret Xoxoxoxo who actually wasn’t woken up by the neighbors dog barking at 4 am today. Hurrah. Xoxoxox

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Day 1898 BUSY day

Perhaps done. Hands probably need more work but Not today

When I finished last week. addin washes calling ever fifty shades of pinkšŸ¤£. Many watery layers of cad red and cad yellow More background colors watery burnt umber and ultramarine blue.

Adding Daniel Smith green Apatite to background More shadows with the indanthrene and burnt umber on her right body. scrubbed off the bottom of her left hand. Hmm that could be what’s wrong with it. Looks better here. There’s only one model I know that resets her hands exactly that’s the fabulous Kate Marie. NO wait so does Annie Jefferson.

Shadows under around eyes. So much today. It takes hours.

Hand still needs work.

Love the roundness of the body and the shadows. Too bad I don’t smoke anymore. Lots of time to smoke while you paint layers a la Mario Robinson. dulling her hair down with burnt sienna. Mike voted the pink hair off the island.

More Layers of indanthrene blue and burnt umber on the blanket .

Lots of green background washes. Even some in her hair on the right trying to soften her hair and make her look less cut and pasted.

Staring at her now trying to decide how to fix her left hand. Any ideas. I know COMPOST pile.

In the meantime new carpet in the den. NEVER buy anything at Rooms to GO ever. This is their $500 carpet after one year. Fat chance getting that $$$ back. It’s off to the dump. New furniture Wednesday so been cleaning and polishing den. The old furniture made it hard to get to the built in shelves.

Is it bedtime yet?! Tahred Margaret in her wood rocker that’s comfier than her rooms to go furniture in the garage going to new homes or the dump. Either works for me. Xoxoxoxo

fifty shades of pink Might be done. Going to stare at her a while til we both agree. #portrait #nude #lifemodel #aiken #watercolor #transparent #marioarobinson #winsornewton #danielsmith