Day 1879 A Portrait is a painting

With something wrong with the mouth. – John Singer Sargent

some of these definitely qualify. I do like to take notes and draw people while I do. Some of the sketches of Joe turned out some bomb. Read the notes. Some of them are quite interesting. He never holds still very long. He did say today that painting is a dance. Aka he’s the dancer.

young and slim with thick black hair and penchant for plaid or striped shirts a very thoughtful young man.

A thinking painter. Read the notes.

All the frames are done. Hurrah. Delivering the show to the Aiken Center for the Arts on Wednesday. HURRAH. thanks Kristin and V at Art in Broad!’ I highly recommend them.

Cake row at Betsy’s in Aiken

Margaret off to meet w friend for dinner. I have managed to meet friends TWICE for meals today. Interestingly one friend LOVES to indulge in cake looking not buying for dessert. I told her I liked to indulge in cake licking. 🤗


Drawing the professor while taking notes. Really need to paint these. #aiken #usca #sketchbook ching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch