Day 502 – playtime

Really like this one of our chef Dimitris favorite Patisserie en Conflans.  Evidently you have to have a lot of training to be able t use the name Patisserie and have a special pastry chef on staff. 

Our first meal in France at L’ Artois on Rue de l’Artois around the corner from our hotel. The food was ok but the host and hostess were trĂ©s charmante as was the restaurant. 

 The Ranville church and cemetery. Love the colors of the flowers combined with the somber tombstones. 

Cathedral en Vernon. Did I say I love all the gothic churches? Pregothic ones too. 

One of my favorite was St Mclou in Rouen with Notre Dame that Monet painted 28 times in the background. St Mcclou was smaller and just lovely with all its encrustations.  

The front of Saint Mcclou.  The Rouen Notre Dame looked very similar to Paris Notre Dame. 

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Margaret xxx 


Day 500 -Sky rockets?

Old Watermill at Bayeux, France – Bold

Ce Tour Eiffel – Vibrant

Mushrooms at Pegasus Bridge, France -? 
 I almost forgot today to post today. Spent the weekend with NO wifi and NO internet. Notice a pattern here?! Is it a sign time to stop posting?!!

   Henry -Vibrant


Drew and Henry 

Leeanne and Livia. All vibrant 
 500 days of posting and I only meant to do 50-100 daily posts. And here I am at 500 daily posts. What a journey. No idea when I will stop. 


 On the I planned what I would post. Two pieces of software- Waterlogue and Photoshop Express. I have them on my iPhone and my iPad. I think they are both FREE which is always a plus.

  Color Bloom

So what is Waterlogue?! You can turn any photo into a watercolor painting. How fun is that. I have seen some on Instagram that are unbelievable. 


I think it does a better job on architecture than people. It seems to leave out features such as an eye. Oops. 

But I just started using it and it has a lot of options I have not figured out yet. 12 different wc styles and then u can darken them or lighten them. Change the size. Fun stuff.  I made a dozen Eiffel towers in seconds. 

Blotted and illustration

You can save a “painting” open it and add more colors like I did with this one. Lots of fun. Tomorrow Photoshop express. Also a lot of fun. 

  Roche Guyon a medieval castle updated and used by Rommel during WW 2 to defend the Seine. 

 Here’s the original photo. 
Thanks for reading. Go make some watercolors. 

Margaret tired from driving home from the mountains xxx