Day 500 -Sky rockets?

Old Watermill at Bayeux, France – Bold

Ce Tour Eiffel – Vibrant

Mushrooms at Pegasus Bridge, France -? 
 I almost forgot today to post today. Spent the weekend with NO wifi and NO internet. Notice a pattern here?! Is it a sign time to stop posting?!!

   Henry -Vibrant


Drew and Henry 

Leeanne and Livia. All vibrant 
 500 days of posting and I only meant to do 50-100 daily posts. And here I am at 500 daily posts. What a journey. No idea when I will stop. 


 On the I planned what I would post. Two pieces of software- Waterlogue and Photoshop Express. I have them on my iPhone and my iPad. I think they are both FREE which is always a plus.

  Color Bloom

So what is Waterlogue?! You can turn any photo into a watercolor painting. How fun is that. I have seen some on Instagram that are unbelievable. 


I think it does a better job on architecture than people. It seems to leave out features such as an eye. Oops. 

But I just started using it and it has a lot of options I have not figured out yet. 12 different wc styles and then u can darken them or lighten them. Change the size. Fun stuff.  I made a dozen Eiffel towers in seconds. 

Blotted and illustration

You can save a “painting” open it and add more colors like I did with this one. Lots of fun. Tomorrow Photoshop express. Also a lot of fun. 

  Roche Guyon a medieval castle updated and used by Rommel during WW 2 to defend the Seine. 

 Here’s the original photo. 
Thanks for reading. Go make some watercolors. 

Margaret tired from driving home from the mountains xxx

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