Day 492 – what a day

We are leaving without our last day in Paris and our tour of Versailles and the Orsay museum due to maniacs threatening to destroy the worlds most beautiful city and its victims. 

 Palace at St Germaine en Laye

 Instead we stayed in Conflans, took a tour of Conflans and St Germaine en Laye then spent the evening packing like crazy people for our 4:45 am bag pickup and our 6:30 am departure. Suitcases will be thoroughly searched at the De Gaulle and we are glad but it means the check out starts earlier. 😜

Les Bateaux the retirement community in Conflans and then cathedral. 

Parisians retire here in riverboats because it’s so inexpensive in Conflans compared to Paris. It’s a sweet little town on the rivers he center of the famous Seine boatmen. 

Thanks for reading. 


Margaret xxx who will post the sketch again soon.