Day 478 – finishing up

WIP???   Mermaid Lorelei and Mermaid McKenzie 11×14 super Aquabee tablet 

Not sure these are done but at least they have some color now. Getting into travel mode so I  used my travel Palette with Winsor Newton colors and my cotman palette with quinacridones. 

The background in this painting is cerulean and yellow ochre. I may darken with ultramarine or inathradone to make the mermaids pop. 

Remember this is what it looked like?


WIP – Mistress Princess Augusta – 11×14  drawn when I was done with one of the long mermaid poses. Her right arm still has problems. She was not posed so she was moving a lot and I drew her right arm too long. I shortened it with negative painting but now I think it is a smidge too narrow. 
TIP: Really love her skirt.  Both of these paintings were done wet on wet after watching a how to impressionistic watercolor video on Marcon Chews website (You will have to scroll down for the video. Could not copy the exact irk for u! 😐) about wet on wet painting.The skirt turned out especially well I think. Done with ultramarine and burnt umber added to a wash of water that I painted on the skirt first. The background was done the same way. 


I added the bowler hat to the original sketch. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx