Day 504 – Monmartre

 Happy Thanksgiving. Hope this day finds you celebrating with family and friends!

Sacre Couer

 The hippy district of Paris where the painters and writer lived and worked, home of the Moulin Rouge and once upon a time Toulouse Lautrec who loved to paint the dancers.  

  Sacre Couer dominates the district on top of the highest spot in Paris.  It gleams in the sunlight with its very white turrets. 

You either have to ride the funicular train or climb these enormous talk stairs to reach Sacre Couer and St Pierre. 

Sacre Couer from the Pomidou Center. 

   The carousel at the base of Sacre Couer

 St Pierre sits next to Sacre Couer and is an ancient small pregothic church that was restored in the late 1800s.   
Inside St Pierre. 

 Market square at Monmartre. 

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