Day 481 – one more day

Boarding the plane tomorrow nite at 11:21. Arriving in France at Charles de Gaulle at 1:30 pm!! Oh my it’s almost here. 


   One of the things I am taking with me unless I run out of room are my Winsor Newton watercolor markers.   If you recall I bought them to use at the state fair and then lost my sketchbook. 

I added to the original 6  yesterday at Binders at Ponce Market where they are on sale  for $4.79 each. I still need to go by and buy a yellow one. How do you watercolor without yellow?! 

The six grew to 14!!  These markers are loaded with color and they are lightfast unlike my tombows which evidently fade when they are in a closed sketchbook!!😢 I really liked the Tombows but there is a lot more pigment in these WN watercolor markers.  

 They also have two tips. A fine point and a brush tip. 
  Another thing that I like about them is that the color can be dry and you can go back and blend it out later. When I did these samples I first drew all the squares then I wrote all the names and THEN I added water to show the range of the colors.  
They really are very intense. JUICY even. I know they will be great fun to color some of my people accordion strip drawings. 

I thought u might like to see what I have colored wit them so far. 

  I use the Tombows a lot at Dr Sketchys. This is the first Dr Sletchys I did with the WN watercolor markers. I think they were up to the challenge. They really blend out well. Very forgiving. 


She was done with the markers too augmented with my friend Toms watercolor palette. 

  My first experiments with them why I only had six. I never liked this sketch much so I didn’t care if I messed it up. 

He was done completely with the watercolor markers. I really like all the colors I got from just the first six.  A lot of fun. Try a set. There are 36 colors to choose from. They may be the best thing since Crayola markers!  

Here is a link to Winsor newtons page where there are a couple of videos about them 

I bet there are some on YouTube. If I find any I will share them with u.