Day 488 Wifi problems

  Sketching from the boat. More in a minute. 

  No idea of my posts are making it. But I am trying. So we are now arriving at Vernon after spending the morning in Auvers sur Oise. Lovely little town. You might have heard of it. Van Goghs last town where he died?!

Begins the inn Van Gogh died at. The houses and lane are still there. 

The wheat field he painted with the crows is still there. It’s also where he was shot or he shot himself depending on who you believe. 


Back on the boat heading to Vernon I discovered that I could draw buildings I like and did them to the sketch making my own towns. The houses are real but maybe not next to each other. Trees are real but not where they were necessarily because we might move down the river before I got done drawing the house and it’s foliage. 

The first house at the locks at Mericourt.  Those trees were not next to it. Oops. We moved. I wanted to finish the sketch. 

Then I tried a one page sketch of the river hillside. Fun drawing but no these houses are not exactly like this in Rolleboise. What a great name, non?!

And the first double page