Day482 Paris

We should be touching down any minute in Paris. Can’t wait to get sketching in France. To stand in the haunts of some of my favorite painters Monet Degas Matisse Van Gogh and Cezanne will be amazing. To visit the Rouen cathedral that Monet painted how many times?! Got to paint it at least once. 


In the meantime going to post some of my Inktober sketches that I painted with the palettes I am taking with me. 

This one lit up my Instagram feed. And yes I did strip my kitchen floor. Evidently it also striped my fingernails even though I wore gloves but hey my floor looks brand new!! 

A quick brush pen sketch of one of the audience members at Best of Augusta. I just loved her look and couldn’t resist sketching her. Sometimes I find the audience members much more entertaining to draw than the bands that are playing. Her skin is burnt sienna with ultramarine blue for shadows. The hair is ultramarine blue and burnt umber. 

My dog Honey was painted with the Whiskey Painter palette only two colors. Ultramarine blue and burnt umber. Period. 

Thanks for reading. Pass me a croissant please!! 

Margaret xxx