Day 2019. The Elegant Miss Kate Marie

How I left her at two hours. Still a lot to do like the drapery. Her eyes. A background of some kind.

A grisaille layer. Two hours not enough time but it is a start.

The sketch which I probably spent too long on.

Looking at her think I will shorten that left big toe. Looks HUGE. But will be easy to paint out.

Twenty minute pose. I actually like this one better but it could use a little more work.

Kate can hold a pose like a Champ and never move. They are always interesting.

six two minute gesture poses. they got better as u went along. they got better.

Charles Reid wc palette hp Fluid paper.

Margaret home from the races we call Atlanta Xoxoxox

The elegant Kate Marie 15×22” hot press fluid #fluid #atlantaartistcenter #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #georgia #atlanta #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portrait #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart

Day 2018 Moh Lamy Joy fun

Drawing the tulips on the kitchen island. I do love tulips. Also loving the way the stillman and birn is laying flat as a flitter. Hmm wonder what a flitter is. Guess I will google that.

Watercolor sooner or later in my coloring book.

Lamy Joy Eelskin Black Ink stillman and birn Zeta.

Margaret still in Atlanta who should get out and find something interesting to draw on this gorgeous day. Xoxoxox

More playing with my Lamy Joy. Watercolor sooner or later. #Lamyjoy #ink #outmywindow #watercolor #drawing #sketchbookskool #cardinals #naturalworld #eastatlanta #atlanta #mixedmedia #art #artist #stillmanandbirn #sketching #drawing

Day 2017 Playing w my Lamy Joy

This drawing is a direct result of listening to all those art for all podcasts yesterday aka draw something anything just draw!! Drawing the view down the street from my sons house. Of course I am NOT looking at the adorable bungalow across the street but at the post ww2 plain Jane vanilla houses up the street from here.

Lamy Joys fun because you can make thin lines

thick lines

do lettering

Run long straightish lines like across the front of the house.

Great for adding shadows.

Really liking the pen.

Bytw can you find the tiny red bird in a tree. He actually sat there for me.

Margaret leaving for the American Crafts Show soon. Xoxoxo

Up McPherson out the window. Will eventually paint this. #Lamyjoy #ink #outmywindow #watercolor #drawing #sketchbookskool #cardinals #naturalworld #eastatlanta #atlanta #mixedmedia #art #artist #stillmanandbirn #sketching #drawing

Day 2016 on the Road again

I wonder what i used to listen to before podcasts? I know audible.

Brooms feed and seed

Listened to some great ones from sketchbookskool called Art for All this is one. Sketchbookskool aka Danny Gregory and his Everydaymatters yahoo list is what started me trying to sketch everyday back in 2006.

More from Brooms

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta. I got free admission to draw the animals. Yeah


Crack birds

Key West roosters

This is another good one with Roz Stendhal. Her blog is always interesting. Roz likes a good project. So do I. Thinking about stealing a couple of hers. A month of painting birds Everyday😱.

Parrot Rescue in pigeon Forge

Smokey Mountains National Park Farm Chickens

Key West Wildlife Preserve Ibis

That will be easy since I seem to draw birds a lot lately. and I seem to draw them wherever I go.

Another one is writing letters everyday. Hmm. Well maybe when I get home?!

The other project I am going to do is #OneWeek100People2019 but that’s not till April 8th. First I will have to remember it. Lol. It’s a yearly project like Inktober run by Suhita Shirodikar and Marc Tao Holmes. I did it two years ago and it didn’t take long to sketch up 100 people. I drew a few talking heads from tv and I say at Panera during lunch one day and got a lot of victims.

Do you have any projects coming up?!

Margaret off to a soccer game Xoxoxox

Sassy Key West rooster #urbansketching #chicken #rooster #ink #nature #watercolor #animals #birds #drawing #sketchbookskool #naturalworld #savannah #keywest #augusta #mixedmedia #art #artist #wildlife #stillmanandbirn #sketching #drawing

Day 2015 Out the Den Window

Added background trees and lots more branches

The Cardinals love to roost on the tree outside the den window.

Trees kind of bare

Several times a day I will see them out there – no idea why.

Wetting the watercolor pencil

Just having fun coloring w watercolor pencils

The very basic sketch.

It was a lot of fun to do and add all those branches. I used a WET watercolor pencil to draw a lot of the branches. A fun thicker darker look.

Lettering Lamy Joy Noodlers Eelskin Black Stillman and Birn Zeta sketchbook.

Margaret Xoxoxoxo packing for Atlanta tomorrow.

#cardinals #outmybackdoor #nature #watercolor #animals #birds #squirrel #drawing #sketchbookskool #cardinals #naturalworld #savannah #savannahriver #augusta #mixedmedia #art #artist #wildlife #stillmanandbirn #sketching #drawing

Day 2014 Lamy Joy

Playing with my Lamy Joy today. It has a calligraphy nib so gives an entirely different look to a sketch than a regular Lamy. Sometimes thin lines sometimes thick.

Also tried out different papers. It loved the stillman and birn and Fluid hp papers. Seemed to drag on my superaquabee sketchbook. Strange effect to feel on the pen point.

It skimmed over the first two papers. Draggings not a good thing when trying to do fancy lettering.

Anyway glad I ordered it off zooming to my house Amazon last weekend. Think I am going to enjoy it.

Margaret whose been dealing with a crashed MacBook Pro all day today and then swept the garage which is HUGE and went for a walk. Back to painting soon. Xoxoxox

Day 2012 – The Aiken Art Guild Talk.


I am going to think of them as my first graders. I hope. Lol. Been a while since I have done a guild talk and that was for quilt guilds.

Spent the afternoon loading sketches from my SOME sketchbooks into A SLIDE SHOW.

And I did a Tip handout which I am sharing with you today dear readers.

Margaret McCarthy Hunt, SCWS

Website: Facebook: Twitter



Favorite Materials

Sketchbooks & Paper – Stillman and Birn Alpha and Zeta Sketchbooks

Super Aquabee spiral Sketchbooks

Fluid watercolor paper HP and CPStrathmore 500 series Mixed Media and

Watercolor (500 SERIES ONLY!!!)

Carson Artboard and occasionally a tea bag dried and emptied of tea!

Paper – Any 300# watercolor paper both HP and CP

Paint – Holbein and M. Graham and those colors only Daniel Smith has like quin gold Moonglow, Green Apatite

Brushes – Sable Charles Reid from City Art in Columbia Da Vinci and Isabel, Mop Pens – Any Lamy but a Lamy F and EF for their finer points loaded with Noodlers PERMANENT ink

Pentel Brush Pen with PERMANENT INK

Namike Fude with PERMANENT INK

Ink – DOUBLE CHECK YOU ARE BUYING A PERMANENT INK!!! India Ink will DESTROY your pen Noodler Ink Eelskin Black, Lexington Grey, Brown, Platinum Black, D’artrementis Document inks -Brown and any other color that is D’artrementis DOCUMENT ink

Watercolor pencils – Derwent and Faber Castell Inktense pencils and blocks Caron D’ache Neocolor ii watercolor crayons

Tomboy Markers…be careful they can be fugitive aka wont last forever

Art Suppliers – Cheap Joes, Binders, Blick, Sam Flaxs Atlanta

Ideas on what to draw

Danny Gregory books especially Creative License! His blog is good too!

Check out the Artists Journal and Sketchbookskool Groups on Facebook

Game Campianaro and Urban Sketchers

Dr Sketchys the Last Wednesday of every month at Le Chat Noir in Augusta 7-9:30 Draw 100 Faces starts in two weeks on Instagram

Draw anything…the objects n the table, your breakfast, your coffee cup, the inside of the refrigerator or medicine cabinet

Your friends, your car, your feet your hands your kids your dogs the view out the back door, the front window!!


I only have 749 slides in the sketch folder on my iPad. Will see how many I can upload. Here’s about forty of them from Key West to Gatlinburg to Paris.

Day 2011 Columbia Museum of Art and Jackson Pollock

10×25 foot mural 1943 Oil and house paint.

I don’t know if you have ever seen the Jackson Pollock movie with Ed Harris as Pollock but it’s a must see. I have always loved Jackson Pollock. I love to splatter and drip. To see this HUGE mural yesterday was totally unexpected a BIG thrill. Sooo well worth the $8 I spent on admission. WHe made the yellow pink and red drips by thinning the artist oil paint and slinging it across the surface. The white was probably the last layer added. It is casein house paint not oil paint. He worked on this over the summer of 1943. Oil takes a few days to dry. The thicker it is the longer it takes to dry. Just think lucky Peggy Guggenheim got to live with this everyday in her NYC apartment. Did I say I am jealous of Peggy?! The completion date.

The piece de resistance his signature. 😳😳😳😳 A couple of Diebenkorn lithographs too!! Thrill thrill. I love Diebenkorn. The second one is from his Ocean Park series. NOT my favorite of his wonderful opus BUT hey it’s a Diebenkorn. I will take it. Diebenkorn often used house paint too. San Francisco Abatract Expressionist. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A gorgeous Robert Henri who just incidentally taught anybody who was somebody in early 1900s American painting.

Fairfield Porter Charles Reid’s hero who is my hero. Does that mean Fairfield is my grand hero?! Looks a lot like Charles flower oil paintings.

Loved These two but forgot to take a pic with their names. The great Claude Monet. Looks like out my window on foggy mornings.

Wonder if they would let me borrow this angel about three feet. These could fit into my eclectic house. and this was just odd.

They had a whole HUGE wall full of colorful Mao Zedong Andy Warhol heads. Why didn’t I take a pic of those?!

If you Can make It To The Columbia Art Museum hurry up and go. You will be glad you did.

Margaret off to bed. Xoxoxoxo

Day 2010 Its Saturday

Not done but greatly improved Half sheet fluid hot press 140#. Requires more work especially her hair. Not dark enough.

Charles Reid palette

The too big head hideous hand

Trying to draw Andrea is always difficult because she wiggles and twitches only still for short periods. When she wiggles she never quite resets so you area always chasing the hand or the arm or the leg.

Smaller head but that hand🤮

Today to compound problems she kept falling asleep so even the angles of the head would change. Her while body would go slack changing position.

Maybe I can paint her now

A new twist. Eeek. Remind me NO Saturday drawing when Andrea is the model.

Or use cheap paper. The kind you don’t mind throwing on the rubbage heap.

Only 25 min to paint a half sheet sketch 😳😵😵😵

A lot I like about it now But she still Needs more Work.

Go round two. Half sheet. Cropping the body. Still not down either. Groan. Compost pile

Is growing.

That hand is a killer.

At least the paper dried flat as a flitter. Thankful for small

Miracles. The rest of the pack.

Coach. He actually did three.

Al Beyer oil

Katie Padgett. Terrible photo. Katie is going to be modeling at the art students league in MYC in May. How exciting is that?!

Dr Fred is back making cappuccinos. Fun painting.

Amy Lockhard Ness oil

Margaret in Columbia spending the night. Xoxoxoxo

Andrea aka the twitcher 😵😵#fluid #hotpress #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #southcarolina #aiken #artist #drawing #sketching #charlesreid #lifemodel