Day 1135 It’s Done

Enterprise Mill SOLD!!

Always good to finish a commission. I should have had this done but they wanted it before Christmas. I buckled down yesterday and finished it. Yeah. Now to deliver it today.

Enterprise is a lovely old mill in downtown Augusta that had been rehabbed into efficiency apartments that have a lot of the old mill incorporated into them to retain the character.

I have been told that the Augusta Canal runs under it to because it used to provide power to the mill. very interesting old building which includes a museum. I need to go sometime.

Another busy day. Margaret xoxoxo

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Day 1134 Matilda Time and a tea bag or two

Finally a kid that holds still. Clara my niece doesn’t move a muscle in front of a favorite tv show and why should she relaxing on the oh so comfy Lazyboy at the cabin.

Piles of teabags drying.

Better get busy painting on this stack. All shapes and sizes. Helps to put something heavy on them after they are dry to flatten them.

Colors used: washed background is either quin gold or yellow ochre, cad yellow w a dab of pyrrole red for letters. Pyrrole red letter outline. Pyrrole red and yellow ochre for skin. Hair sienna and burnt umber. Sofa green apatite and quin gold w ultramarine shadows. Clothing marine blue and ultramarine blue. And that’s it folks.

Off to a Christmas luncheon so I better get dressed. Wanted to lie in my comfy bed all day. I have missed it when I was in Atlanta

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1133 Harmony Plaza Oakhurst Decatur

I spent a couple of hours drawing in Harmony Plaza the center of Oakhurst Decatur. Kids are so hard to draw. They never hold still. Constantly on the move. The kids love the large yellow sculpture which they use as a jungle gym. Where all the kids on it at the same time?! Nope. One of them made the drawing twice.

Colors used Marine blue cerulean burnt sienna ultramarine burnt umber cad yellow pyrrole red green apatite

noodler Ahab pen Noodler eelskin ink Strathmore alpha sketchbook

Happy Sketching. Margaret whose heading home soon. Xoxoxo

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Day 1132 Off to do a bit of Atlanta and Decatur

Everybody’s Eating Ice Cream Harmony Plaza Oakhurst

Hard to believe that only a week ago everyone in Atlanta and Decatur was running around in SHORTS. A week later it was up to 11 inches of SNOW and freezing temps.

Last week Harmony Plaza was loaded with kids gobbling ice cream from Oakhurst Market and climbing in the sculpture playing ball. Yesterday nobody was there. NOT ONE person. Too cold.

One thing about the weather it got me painting my sketches which were building up. Couldn’t go anywhere with the snow the ice and the cold cold temps not letting it melt off like it usually does here in a day or even as fast as it comes down.

And a panorama or two out the back window of the endless snow Friday. But today I am off to sketch somewhere in Atlanta since the High is closed today. Maybe early tomorrow before I head home?!

Colors used pyrrole red cerulean ultramarine blue burnt umber sienna green apatite or is it green hematite?! Yellow ochre quin gold marine blue sky!!

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Everybody’s Eating Ice Cream #decatur #oakhurst #harmonyplaza #atlanta #georgia #urbansketching #urbansketch #usk #watercolor #ink #aquarelle #oakhurstmarket

Day 1131 Moh Teabags

Thanks to all the new followers I have been at this daily posting for over 1100 consecutive days now.

Plenty of time to drink hot tea when you are snowbound.

How to empty a teabag.

Clip them on the back w scissors and rinse them out. Lay flat to dry. Some like Lipton’s and Paul Newman will open up flat. You can dry them in a low oven if u are in a hurry. My ice scraper. Who knew Chacos made good ice scrapers? Finally scraped the inches of snow and ice off my windshield last nite before a quick trip to chic fil a.

Just thankful my car started up fine. I am sure it’s in shock since it normally would be in its cozy garage not sitting out in the weather in the icy cold.

Then I was back painting my dried out tea bags. Used watercolor pentel brush pen pitt pen white gouache.

Off to see the grandkids as soon as the roads thaw!

Margaret getting cabin fever xoxoxo

Day 1129 Le Petit Marche

Great conversations go on at Le Petit Marche I am sure. People are always chatting away at their tables instead of hanging out together on cell phones a sure sign that people are not talking together.

These grandparents were giving their grandson their full attention when we ate there. The place was jam packed. A guy at the door was actually having people wait. Outside the line was growing longer. We were inside though so we were among the priveledgef to have gotten there in time to get a table during the Sunday Brunch rush.

This one needs something in the right corner. Also guy in the red jacket was all wrong so fixed him some. Wondering why my camera is taking the photos too dark.

Loving this tea bag artist. Also mixed media and paper. Anyway back to my teabag drying. Going to try to paint on some while I am snow bound.

Margaret xoxox

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Day 1128 The Brunson Place

I assume it’s the old Brunson Place because a short road named Brunson runs up to the front yard.

I wonder why paintings go better when they are vertical. Sometimes I CANT paint at all when they are flat on the table. Think gravity helps with watercolor making the wet on wet colors mingle.

I guess it was boring in black and white.

Colors used quin gold and sienna. Pyrrole red cerulean ultramarine burnt umber sepia marine blue sky green apatite cad red I think though I don’t use the cads much.

Stillman and birn alpha Da Vinci 10 sable Lamy EF w eelskin ink and I splattered it with sienna and ultramarine/sepia

Day 1128 TV Time

The thing about doing crosshatching and line work you can work on it for hours and still not be sure it’s done.

Sketch of Henry and Alicia watching tv. Sketching two wiggly kids is even worse than one wiggly kid so fairly pleased with this one. Henry’s head is too long I think but he’s the king of wiggle.

Henrys new game is to hide the Roku remote while he giggles so you can’t turn off his show. At least he hopes you can’t. But it is funny.

Lamy Ef stillman and birn alpha Line work #crosshatching #line #ink #sketching #decatur #drawingforsale #georgia #lamyef #stillmanandbirn

Day 1127 Crosshatching or line work ?!

So does a town that’s a wide spot on the road count as urban?! Have long admired this old abandoned house on Hwy 28 near Parksville SC. Today I finally had the perfect combo of a sunny day and a half an hour or so to draw it. The trees are wonderful. Lots of huge oaks and that big old cedar right out front.

Hoping to watercolor this sooner or later BUT ya know how that goes. Later is not getting here sooner.

Lamy Ef in stillman and birn alpha.

Back to Atlanta to dog sit tomorrow after driving to Aiken to paint. I will be an oh so tired girl then. Xoxoxo