More cars! 

The first car drawing. You know some lights last forever. And if they don’t last long enough you can add a car at the next light. Like people another car identical to the last one will show up. 

When the fun of drawing wonky cars was discovered. 

Now I am wondering exactly what that water Delaware graphite 6B pencil would do to these. Could be FUN!  

Off to look at houses. Thanks for stopping by. 

Margaret xoxoxoxo in Atlanta 

Day 1070 OOPPs Cars!  

Painting those wonky cars!! Oddly the 6B pencils repel watercolor. A strange effect. 

Not that it will keep me from drawing with them.  

The sketches before painting.  

Back to the grandkids. Thanks for stopping by! 

Margaret xoxoxox 

Day 1069 Mary Alice Munroe

Went to a great book talk at AB Browns today by Mary Alice Monroe for her newest book in her Beach House series the quintessential summer beach book based on Isle of Palms near Charleston. 

Though I have read some of the books with the turtles in them has no idea they are really to educate us about her latest passion. I tend to read the story for the story not to find hidden meanings. 

That said I always enjoy them. 

The latest book is about pelican rescue her latest passion. The raptor center even named a pelican that she rescued after her Mary Ann so I decided to draw Mary Ann to fill up the page. 

The notes are just things that she said about her passions pelicans shorebirds. 

She’s also an excellent palmetto bug stomper. One was running around the room the talk was held in. It’s a skill u acquire when you got to SC Low country beaches. I won’t tell you how I know. 

The lunch was excellent. HEirloom tomato soup.  

Shrimp and grits and a peach cheese cake for desert. 

Ttyl. Off to Atlanta!  Thanks for stopping by!! Margaret xoxoxoxo

Day 1068 Livia or a Dogs Day 

Livia my sons pit bull. Not my best sketch of her. I have drawn her five or six times. 

The eyes were  too low and close together oops. I darkened the right eye made both of them larger and added a dab of white gel pen. 

Before I decided to add the Quin Sienna to her coat. Like the Quin Sienna one much better. 

Guess I better fix those eyes at least make her look not cross eyed. Eeekk. 

Some older ones of Livie. 

The languid lounger. 

My favorite 

She has penetrating stare. 

Thanks for looking. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1068 Fathers Day at Pine Lake 

It actually poured on us before we left so not a bright sunny day BUT who wants a swimming hole with no sun?!

One thing about painting you can make it sunny or overcast. 

Pine Lake is the smallest town in Georgia with a population of less than 800 and used to be a weekend escape place for Buckhead elite when all the roads were dirt. 

The lake is the center of the town with charming cottages and small houses built on the surrounding small hills. 

Painted with my Ted Nuttall transparent palette plus green apatite in the trees and grasses. 

Happy Sunday!  

Margaret xoxoxox   

Day 1067 Its Saturday 

Andrea was our model today. This is largish 18×24 largely painted alla prima which means first strike. I came prepared to draw and paint  in a smaller sketchbook a 10×18 Superaquabee. 

I liked the pose so much decided to go bigger. So first break I ran around getting larger paper together. George Dawnay gave me a piece of 90# Bristol paper to start over on.  Thank goodness. 

All I had were my waterbrushes which would NOT begin to cover that big piece of paper. Robert kindly loaned me his wonderful winsor Newton Series 7 brushes.  They are now on my I need list!!

It was like painting on a thinner piece of hot press paper. 

Al actually said it looked like a watercolor should. Be still my heart. 

This was after the second break. I only painted on this about an hour. It needs more work on the background or not. We shall see. 

The pencil sketch went much faster the second time around. 

I washed her with cad yellow and cad red mixed. Then I used mostly Quin magenta and inathrodone blue on her for the shadows. A bit of Quin coral for cheeks. Hair Quin sienna Quin burnt sienna and inathrodone blue. 

This was the smaller version I did in my  10×18 Superaquabee which loves watercolor. I never quite finished this one. 

George Delaunays exquisite pastel. LOVE the feet. He’s a very energetic sketcher. Stepping back and forth to and from the easel as he works. 

Drew Murphys large acrylic. He’s also energetic but in his use of brush sticks.  Always like his work. 

Al Beyer. A huge painting. Love the fabric drape. Always lovely paintings. 

Iliana’s lovely oil. Rather Gauginish I think.  

Tom Needham’s elegant watercolor done in washes. 

Fred still emulating Mondigliani!! 

Day 1066 Drawing cars

ah not what I should be doing but I kept getting stuck 

At long lights driving downtown yesterday. 

I had also  found my delicious 6B Caran dache lead pencil in my purse. 

And I couldn’t help myself. 

During rush hour cars are everywhere while u sit 

And sit and wait 

Better than being annoyed. 

And actually fun I like their 

Slightly wonky look. Then I just started filling up the page with sketches of cars at Earthfare. 

I actually sat in a parking lot today and drew a few more. 

Beware that 6B smears. A lot. If I get them painted I will set it with some fixative. Until then using Kleenex and napkins to keep them from smearing on each other. 

Margaret off to Als art reception shortly xoxoxo

Day 1065 Another day another commission 

This is Enterprise mill an old mill downtown that has been turned into wonderful apartments. A friend has one of them and wants her own painting of this one. 

So once again I was tracing. Good start. Easier than painting that darn whirlpool galaxy yesterday,  I thought!! Wrong. 

Almost immediately my pilot pen DRIPPED all over it. Tracing this took quite some time so I was not a happy camper yesterday so I threw in the towel and quit. 

About nine last nite I decided to do it OVER again.  I whipped that pen off carefully. It was not the first time it has dripped. 

Big splats on my Marias map. That time it waited til I was almost done. Ggrrrrrrr.   

Margaret off to get a haircut. Xoxoxo

Day 1064 Comissions 

A problem when you are suppose to paint the same thing twice. Eeekkk this is the second one. Thinking it could use a few more greys in the center!?  

This is the first one. I drew my friend Monica who giving her talk at the DuPont Planetarium at  Ruth Patrick Science Center, USC Aiken. She really does a terrific job. 

Kids come from all South Carolina to visit the Science Center and see the Planetarium. 

It took me a while just to figure out how to transfer this  identically to a piece of 300# lb watercolor. 

I traced the original. 

Transferred it with Saral. 

Traced over it with a pencil. 

Traced over it with my Lamy Safari. 

And the. I tried to remember how I painted it. The whirlpool vortex was not easy to ain’t the first time let alone another time. Eeekk.  

Finally it was time to splatter the night sky with white gouache stars. Be sure to use a stiff toothbrush.  I got a soft one first. Oops. Worked much better with a nice stiff toothbrush. 

Touched up the Whirlpool Vortex again. And calling it done. I hope! 

Painted with lamp black, burnt umber , Ultramarine Blue, alizarin, aureolin yellow, and some Joe’s turquoise. 

Margaret who has another commission to get done. Xoxoxox