Day 1047 Take a Hike Mr President 

Along with Suhita I will be posting some of the beautiful places in our country that we will loose with the rising seas like Key West!! The only way we can protest the president leaving the Paris Accords!  Join us! 

The highest point is 18 feet above sea level. Rising tides will put it UNDER water.

No more Jacarandas aka Norfolk pines. They will be flooded. 

No more Hogfish Grill UNDERwater!’ 

No more Buzzards Roost on Key Largo UNDER water!’

NO more Blue Heaven UNDER water!! and all those lovely chickens I love to feed and draw Under Water! 
And what about all those poor animals – the chickens!? UNDER Water!!!

Iguanas they can swim but for how long and how far?! 

More chickens at the post office. UNDER Water!!!

Ditto UNDER Water!!!UNDER Water!!!UNDER Water!!!UNDER Water!!! 

And Louie’s Backwater with food that’s so amazing a view of the Caribbean UNDER Water!!!

Off to Atlanta which won’t be underwater just a desert!! #UNDER Water!!! #TakeaHikeMrPresident 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo