Day 1066 Drawing cars

ah not what I should be doing but I kept getting stuck 

At long lights driving downtown yesterday. 

I had also  found my delicious 6B Caran dache lead pencil in my purse. 

And I couldn’t help myself. 

During rush hour cars are everywhere while u sit 

And sit and wait 

Better than being annoyed. 

And actually fun I like their 

Slightly wonky look. Then I just started filling up the page with sketches of cars at Earthfare. 

I actually sat in a parking lot today and drew a few more. 

Beware that 6B smears. A lot. If I get them painted I will set it with some fixative. Until then using Kleenex and napkins to keep them from smearing on each other. 

Margaret off to Als art reception shortly xoxoxo