Day 1125 lost my mind???!

It all started when I decided to sell my friend Marie my long arm two weeks ago.

The puppy dog quilt.

I decided it was time to knock out those baby quilts I have needed to do for a while. Quilting gets done so much quicker on a long arm. One hour to quilt no pinning versus an hour of pinning the top, the back, and the batting together. Then five more hours or so of quilting it on my regular sewing machine.


I started knocking out toddler sized quilts. Each about 45×72″.

So far five tops in a week. I can cut out and piece a yellow brick road lap sized in about five hours. Another hour to quilt. If only binding was as quick.

The back of the 30s repro quilt.

Two are finished and ready to mail. One more to go.

Because I has this stack of leftover hexies from a yellow quilt. All the greenish yellows.

I decided to sew this monster hexie quilt together to quilt it before she gets the long arm.

Hmm and what else is on my list ?! Kerchoooo. All this sewing is making me sneeze and itch from the dust mites.

BUT!! I have one more toddler quilt.

And THEN I am going to finish my Queen Kaffe Fassett lone star. And quilt my two appliqué tops. And hmm. Piece and quilt my pink one patch wonder quilt. Now half sewn.

Well maybe a couple of baby quilts for my grandma hope chest.

And maybe this jacket a friend made. Always likes it. And hmm. Oh I have to paint. No sneezing then.

Ttyl margaret not even putting a dent in her fabric collection.


Day 1124 Fixing those messes

Henry’s left leg was not done right at first. It’s not easy to fix light colors in watercolor so I got out my Neocolor ii’s which are more opaque. I think it looks right now. And I added more neocolor to provide what Fealin Lin calls linkage to lead your eye around the page.

Still not great but these reminded me of the story from my childhood that I added to it. You never know what memories art journals will stir up.

I also used my prismacolors on this page of quick poses as Henry wiggled and wiggles while he watched PBS.

Earlier this am. Eeekkk. Who is that boy?!

It looked like this when I started. Now good at all.

Off to class ttyl Dr Sketchys tonite. Yeahhhh.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1123 some sketches

Inner Bean. New Owners The moms Donna and Ann have sold and are retired. They will be missed.

Wednesday’s Am Ladies group is still meeting. Bigger group than ever. last Saturday at FarmHaus Birgers on Broad. The line was steady the restaurant was full. The burgers were good.

Hope to add one more of Honey lurking in hopes of a handout to the last page.

Lamy Safari Stillman and Birn Alpha Noodlers Eelskin ink.

Day 1121 Pine Lake two or is it three?!

Pine Lake is loaded with charming houses. This yellow house was no exception except the front brick facade seems to be separating from it. Ooppps. And a HUGE crack in the foundation. Double oops. Great trees and an adorable back yard abut what’s with the huge dehumidifier in the back bedroom.

Back to finishing my baby quilt. Xoxoxox Margaret

Day 1121 Its Saturday

Ilaina 20×24″ Strathmore Bristol

Almost trashed this one. Had I felt better I would have started over but decided to slap some paint on it anyway.

Really like the way she turned out. She turned out kind of delicious colors. Used a 2″ flat and a #16 Legends and 10 davinci

Quin red raw sienna sepia thalo and white gouache

Drew Murphy’s BIG acrylic

Katie Padgett’s lovely pencil on canson paper.

Tom Needham’s small Watercolor

Dress Mondrians always make me smile.

Coach’s charcoal and Pastel.

Al Beyer’s awesome huge oil 3v4″

Hugs. Time for a nap xoxoxo margaret

Day 1119 Its a Stunner

This trip around the world has been languishing on my long arm for

TWO Years. KING Sized!! And yes I am Still drawing and painting. All done at the inner Bean on top of sewing.

My friend Marie Atkinson finally finished it for me. And is it yummy or what. A spring garden.

Before that it languished in my hall closet in the UFO pile.

Thanks Marie.!!!

Love the grid quilting.

The back Hoffman Iris

She even sewed the binding on which I made when I pinned the quilt together at least 17 years ago. All fabrics picked out 20 yrs or so ago at the first Sewing Gallery for a class with sweet Susie.

In the meantime I have fallen into the quilt puddle getting baby quilts done.

A green 1930s yellow brick road for a certain sweet baby boy.

A fractured drunkards path for another sweet baby boy. One in my grandma hope chest for the next baby boy grandson.

A baby tumbling block!!

Next up are up ufos. Did I say I have several?! Let’s see a huge lone star and an African drunkards path a couple of appliqué tops long since finished and another one that just needs piecing. Hmm

Is that all?!

Day 1118 – that iconic view

Wish we had some views like this in Augusta. Sigh.

Every time I go to Trader Joe’s on Monroe I always stare at it for a few minutes.

It’s looking over the Grady High football field toward Piedmont Park.

Those tall buildings never fail to fascinate.

Lamy Safari Noodlers Eelskin Black Stillman and Birn Alpha. Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean

Hugs Margaret whose missing the moms who used to run Inner Bean. Xoxox

Day 1117 Drawing the grandkids

Last visit to Decatur I decided if I could nail my dogs when I drew them that I SHOULD be able to draw my grandkids. Well like anything else that requires practice. So page 1 of practicing sketching Livie! She looks a little old but not to bad. Also journaled commemorating her birthday party the day before.

Stillman and Birn Alpha Lamy Safari Noodlers Eelskin and Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus Cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo