Day 1119 Its a Stunner

This trip around the world has been languishing on my long arm for

TWO Years. KING Sized!! And yes I am Still drawing and painting. All done at the inner Bean on top of sewing.

My friend Marie Atkinson finally finished it for me. And is it yummy or what. A spring garden.

Before that it languished in my hall closet in the UFO pile.

Thanks Marie.!!!

Love the grid quilting.

The back Hoffman Iris

She even sewed the binding on which I made when I pinned the quilt together at least 17 years ago. All fabrics picked out 20 yrs or so ago at the first Sewing Gallery for a class with sweet Susie.

In the meantime I have fallen into the quilt puddle getting baby quilts done.

A green 1930s yellow brick road for a certain sweet baby boy.

A fractured drunkards path for another sweet baby boy. One in my grandma hope chest for the next baby boy grandson.

A baby tumbling block!!

Next up are up ufos. Did I say I have several?! Let’s see a huge lone star and an African drunkards path a couple of appliqué tops long since finished and another one that just needs piecing. Hmm

Is that all?!

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