Day 1125 lost my mind???!

It all started when I decided to sell my friend Marie my long arm two weeks ago.

The puppy dog quilt.

I decided it was time to knock out those baby quilts I have needed to do for a while. Quilting gets done so much quicker on a long arm. One hour to quilt no pinning versus an hour of pinning the top, the back, and the batting together. Then five more hours or so of quilting it on my regular sewing machine.


I started knocking out toddler sized quilts. Each about 45×72″.

So far five tops in a week. I can cut out and piece a yellow brick road lap sized in about five hours. Another hour to quilt. If only binding was as quick.

The back of the 30s repro quilt.

Two are finished and ready to mail. One more to go.

Because I has this stack of leftover hexies from a yellow quilt. All the greenish yellows.

I decided to sew this monster hexie quilt together to quilt it before she gets the long arm.

Hmm and what else is on my list ?! Kerchoooo. All this sewing is making me sneeze and itch from the dust mites.

BUT!! I have one more toddler quilt.

And THEN I am going to finish my Queen Kaffe Fassett lone star. And quilt my two appliqué tops. And hmm. Piece and quilt my pink one patch wonder quilt. Now half sewn.

Well maybe a couple of baby quilts for my grandma hope chest.

And maybe this jacket a friend made. Always likes it. And hmm. Oh I have to paint. No sneezing then.

Ttyl margaret not even putting a dent in her fabric collection.