Day 1102 Urban Sketching Atlanta and the burbs

Sort of house hunting in Atlanta. 800 sq feet for $209k. Think extremely dilapidated in the outside. But so adorable.

Not easy to do since where I would like to live my house would cost $1.3 million like this one down the street from my sons house in Oakhurst. Maybe I should become a realtor?!

Love Petite Marche in Kirkwood. These will get painted soon.

Hard to get the paint out with a 3&5 yr old grandchild around. They want to paint too. Oops.

Cute little fixer upper in Pine Lake. Has tons of very dark knotty pine that needs to be painted white. And a disaster of a side porch with jalousy windows that will no longer open or shut. Eeekkk. Keep looking?!

Off to walk the dog and have a taste of living urban style in a walkable neighborhood. Then more house looking.

Drawn with my Lamys in a Stillman and Birn Zeta.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox