Day 1111 Kirkwood

A cute little 800 sf house in Kirkwood I thought about buying. It would take me a year just to get rid of everything I owned and fit in this small a house. But I think it was my favorite house that I looked at. It also had a finished walk about basement rental apartment a real plus when a house this size in fixer upper shape costs $219000! 😳

Stillman and Birn Alpha, Lamy Safari pen, noodlers eelskin ink, Ted Nuttalls transparent watercolor palette

On the road again my summer theme song. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1110 Henry

Snacking on goldfish when we went to Oakhurst park. This was a very quick sketch. Have you ever treed drawing a five year old who never stops?! But Henry loved the idea of me drawing him. He tried to hold still. That lasted about a second.
Stillman and Birn Alpha w Lamy Safari and Ted Nuttalls transparent palette

Tty Margaret xoxoxo