Day 1238 Emma Cameron and Dalaney

Three of the leaders from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High. The other two are eloquent David Hogg and Alex Winn. Emma was the grand finale of the March and if you haven’t heard her talk it’s a must listen to. She brought tears to all that listened to her. These kids are going places. Dalaney organized the trip to Tallahassee to talk to the legislators days after the shooting. And the whole movement started with Cameron. Keep your eyes peeled for these kids. They will be in the public eye for a long time.

Margaret wishing everyone Happy Easter and A wonderful Passover dinner. Xoxoxo

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Day 1237 The Newton Kids

The Newton Kids. Nathan on the left little sister died in the shootings. So sad.

Almost done. Used a caran dache crayon to Finish it. And my palette from Kim Johnson’s class. As 7th graders these Young men were on lock down for six hours not knowing who was shot or what was happening. Bytw when you see a strip of ledger paper on something it usually means I have messed up. Oops. Made a hash out of Parkland.

I meant to take more process pics. OOPS. But Yeah done.

Margaret on to the next one.


The Newton Kids #Marchforlife #votethemout #naomiwalder #amazong #kids #neveragain #wearethecure #watercolor #ink #atillmanandbirn #nomore #remembermyname #stonemandouglas #parkland #msnbc #vote #florida #dc #conneticut #newton

Day 1236 More Petit Marche

Actually a double page spread but like the cropped left pages composition. Off to run errands. and deliver my SOLD alpaca. Will miss this adorable guy!! Of course I have a few more cute guys from the alpacas field I haven’t painted yet.

Margaret xoxoxo Petit Marche deliciousness in Kirkwood French charm and delicious food #lepetitmarche #kirkwood #atlanta #food #foodie #deliciousness #stillmanandbirn #watercolor #lamysafari #ink #dailydrawing #sketching #urbansketcher #usk #breakfast

Day 1235 Breakfast

At Petit Marche my fav breakfast spot in Kirkwood Atlanta!! Delicious lavish over the top breakfasts. Whose ever had French toast with bananas on top. Yummmm

These two guys were tête-à-tête in deep conversation as people so often seem be at Petit Marche. No idea why they had three bottles of catchup. Heinz of course!!

Always a great spot to people watch. Always packed so you know the food is great and reasonable.

Margaret who has a busy day playing nurse. She can’t go out off leash in the yard. HMMM xoxoxox

Petit Marche deliciousness in Kirkwood French charm and delicious food #lepetitmarche #kirkwood #atlanta #food #foodie #deliciousness #stillmanandbirn #watercolor #lamysafari #ink #dailydrawing #sketching #urbansketcher #usk #breakfast

Day 1234 Those Awesome Kids 2

So I didn’t get a chance to paint today. Spent most of the day having a nervous breakdown over my labs licknoma. Dr Gross took it off and now she’s groggy from surgery staples in her poor leg.

Knitted hoping to get some seratonins but maybe I should have tried some of the Kava kava I gave Honey my lab for anxiety one of the possible causes of licknomas.

Some of those magnificent Parkland kids. The one on the right was riddled with shrapnel a month ago. She threw up during her speech and said “I threw up on National tv and it felt good!! Then she finished her speech. Amazing kid. She and Aaliyah were in a class studying the holocaust when their own holocaust of a kind happened. The gunman opened fire on their classroom which could not be locked.

How did I not notice the guy on the right is cross eyed. Always amazes me things you miss when painting. Will have to fix him. These young men are Peace warriors from Chicago where So many kids die from gun shots every year. His mom told him “If you don’t stand up for something you will fall for anything.” Words of wisdom.

The pages I still need to paint. Hopefully tomorrow.

Newton High Students.

Another Newton High student. They were on lock down for six hours when the shootings went of the poor babies went on.

The fabulous eloquent Emma Gonzales. How can one young person be so amazing and strong!?

And her joint leaders from Parkland Cameron and Dalaney Tarr.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo who is a nurse for today.

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Day 1234 Those awesome Kids

Naomi Wilder Age 11

I don’t know if you listened to the kids speak at March for Our Lives but they were amazing. So powerful and moving. Such strength.

The double page spread.

Matt Post from Sherwood High in Maryland so poised at 18 he also seems to be morphing into a news anchor.

Sweet young Christopher Underwood whose brother died when he was five said Don’t I deserve to be able to go to school to learn science and math and play basketball without fear of being shot.

Zion whose twin was shot in the way home from school in DC. Alex Witt – Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

I quickly drew six double spread pages of 20 kids and their quotes so I could remember them off the tv as they spoke. I was riveted to the tv for hours. Some I have watched over and over again like Naomi an unbelievable speaker at age 11. Zion and Edna Chavez brought tears to my eyes with the deaths of their siblings. Edna from east LA learned to duck when shots rang out before she could read. The Amazing David Hogg – Marjorie Stoneman Douglas leader – needs no words. One day he will be running for office or having his own national broadcast news show. His friends said he could think himself pregnant he’s so laser focused.

Jaclyn Corin another Marjorie Stoneman Douglas leader and also so eloquent. Junior class president.

Yolanda Renee King -age 8 -Martin Luther King Jrs granddaughter led the group in Spread the Word!! What a presence! Ryan Deitsch another Marjorie Stoneman Douglas survivor

Here’s the whole spread

I still have several more pages to paint and I may have missed a few of the first speakers tuning in late. I know I missed Cameron the lead of speaker from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas but I caught him on the reruns. These are all drawn off tv as they talked so some are more successful than others.

Drawn in my stillman and birn alpha with a Lamy Ef. I used some watercolor pencil but mostly watercolor. Also a few colored pencils- white orange and flesh.

Watercolor :Quin burnt orange cad red quin coral quin gold aureolin burnt umber ultramarine blue cerulean cad orange.

Margaret whose finishing her other sock and then painting some more xoxoxo

#Marchforlife #votethemout #naomiwalder #amazong #kids #neveragain #wearethecure #watercolor #ink #atillmanandbirn #nomore #remembermyname #stonemandouglas #parkland #msnbc #vote #florida #dc #artjournal #journal

Day 1234 A bit More France

I drew my way thru Paris Rouen Les Andelys Conflans and Normandy a couple of years ago. This is the first page in my art journal a Strathmore Mixed Media 500 journal. That 500 is important. Beautiful paper.

Our ports starting and ending in Paris. We never made it to Versailles because of the terrible bombings in November. All the tourists places went on lock down.

Our first meal in a French restaurant. I don’t know if you watch what Phil’s eating but we did. We felt like Phil in Paris.

A journal page. Our tour leader our hotel Rochester.

the whole spread.

I carried my paint brushes in my back pack and my small travel paint box- a whiskey painter box w winsor newton watercolor paints and a cotman box filled with Daniel Smith quinacridones.

Drawn with a Noodler Ahab that holds a lot of carbon black ink. A lot of the bold lettering was done with my Pentel brush pen which has permanent ink cartridges.

And that’s it for today folks. Watching the kids march. What power they have! Margaret xoxoxo

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Day 1233 Maybe a cupcake will Help!!

This describes how I feel today. I dunno what do you think!?

And this sorta swan who hasn’t gotten a stamp or a word. Guess he needs to be finished when I finish my sock.

Margaret not thrilled with her day and needs to make a gratitude list. Then I will feel better. Xoxoxo

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Day 1232 Before I forget and a few great YouTube videos

I drew Jay last week at the Augusta Area Newcomers Luncheon where he was the auctioneer raising money for icare our charity this year.

I drew this quickly In the middle of a crowd of 250 people or so. Always tense times. It actually looks like him. Not exactly but close.

Colors skin Burnt sienna with no idea which blue for shadows. Either ultramarine or cobalt. Red and blue watercolor pencil for letters.

I don’t know about u but I love YouTube videos. These are some good ones.

If u like urban and water landscapes

And anything with Joe Miller painting.

And perhaps my favorite YouTube video ever.

And of course my fav guy Bob Burridge with his Bob Blasts

And a new pair of fair isle socks for my daughter in law.

Margaret xoxoxox who better get painting but is making a huge salad so I don’t have to do it later.

Day 1231 Going Gothic 2

I found a few more in my French sketchbooks.

Perhaps the most famous is Eglise Notre Dame de l’Assumption in Auvers made famous by Van Gogh.

You can visit this painting at the d’Orsay Museum in Paris. I drew the map of Auvers trying to figure out our path thru the town which remains set in the time that Van Gogh printed and died there. The government has set the historical region aside allowing no changes or modernization. The buildings still look like they do when Van Gogh was there. You can look out the window of his bedroom and see the unchanged Hotel de Ville.

I digress back to the churches.

The village of Moissan sir Seine. The churches always seem to sit above the towns on a hill if possible.

Another above Conflans near Paris.

And Sacre Couer sitting above Montmartre with St Pierre nestled up to it. Ok so it’s not Gothic but hey it’s a church.

Drawn with my pilot desktop pen and yes I drew it in pencil before I inked it.

Margaret whose feeling wheezy from all the pollen. Xoxoxo

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