Day 1212 Another Day with Kim

Potter Hot Press Fabriano Artistico 300# 17x 20″

So far would you believe this took all day when we had time to paint. NO MORE stripes EVER. What a pain they are.

First wash

Second face wash w w few stripes

The whole thing stripes are a tough. Used all the blues. Cerulean manganese cobalt and ultramarine blue. Plus a green a yellow and cad red light oh and burnt sienna in the shadows.

All the stripes

Eek more to do the nose and mouth aka correct the shadows.

For now. Poor thing. Letting her sleep tonite. Me too. No painting tonite.

My friend Jeannette’s lovely soft painting so soft and dreamy.

Second wash

Not sure she’s finished but amazing.

Christine Wheelers beautiful old man

Kathy’s oh so charming dog. A papillion.

Jeannette’s gorgeous goats from yesterday. Love these.

And that’s a wrap for today folks.

Margaret putting down her paintbrush.

Night night. Potter so far today #watercolor #watercolours #aquarelle #sketch #charlotte #drawingforsale #nude #pencil #lead #art #artist #nancycoiucks #kimjohnson #drawing