Day 1231 Going Gothic 2

I found a few more in my French sketchbooks.

Perhaps the most famous is Eglise Notre Dame de l’Assumption in Auvers made famous by Van Gogh.

You can visit this painting at the d’Orsay Museum in Paris. I drew the map of Auvers trying to figure out our path thru the town which remains set in the time that Van Gogh printed and died there. The government has set the historical region aside allowing no changes or modernization. The buildings still look like they do when Van Gogh was there. You can look out the window of his bedroom and see the unchanged Hotel de Ville.

I digress back to the churches.

The village of Moissan sir Seine. The churches always seem to sit above the towns on a hill if possible.

Another above Conflans near Paris.

And Sacre Couer sitting above Montmartre with St Pierre nestled up to it. Ok so it’s not Gothic but hey it’s a church.

Drawn with my pilot desktop pen and yes I drew it in pencil before I inked it.

Margaret whose feeling wheezy from all the pollen. Xoxoxo

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