Day 1234 Those awesome Kids

Naomi Wilder Age 11

I don’t know if you listened to the kids speak at March for Our Lives but they were amazing. So powerful and moving. Such strength.

The double page spread.

Matt Post from Sherwood High in Maryland so poised at 18 he also seems to be morphing into a news anchor.

Sweet young Christopher Underwood whose brother died when he was five said Don’t I deserve to be able to go to school to learn science and math and play basketball without fear of being shot.

Zion whose twin was shot in the way home from school in DC. Alex Witt – Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

I quickly drew six double spread pages of 20 kids and their quotes so I could remember them off the tv as they spoke. I was riveted to the tv for hours. Some I have watched over and over again like Naomi an unbelievable speaker at age 11. Zion and Edna Chavez brought tears to my eyes with the deaths of their siblings. Edna from east LA learned to duck when shots rang out before she could read. The Amazing David Hogg – Marjorie Stoneman Douglas leader – needs no words. One day he will be running for office or having his own national broadcast news show. His friends said he could think himself pregnant he’s so laser focused.

Jaclyn Corin another Marjorie Stoneman Douglas leader and also so eloquent. Junior class president.

Yolanda Renee King -age 8 -Martin Luther King Jrs granddaughter led the group in Spread the Word!! What a presence! Ryan Deitsch another Marjorie Stoneman Douglas survivor

Here’s the whole spread

I still have several more pages to paint and I may have missed a few of the first speakers tuning in late. I know I missed Cameron the lead of speaker from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas but I caught him on the reruns. These are all drawn off tv as they talked so some are more successful than others.

Drawn in my stillman and birn alpha with a Lamy Ef. I used some watercolor pencil but mostly watercolor. Also a few colored pencils- white orange and flesh.

Watercolor :Quin burnt orange cad red quin coral quin gold aureolin burnt umber ultramarine blue cerulean cad orange.

Margaret whose finishing her other sock and then painting some more xoxoxo

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