Day 1220 1300 Followers 🤗👍🏻& 100 Augusta Landmarks aka urban sketching

Thanks to all my followers the new the old and the recent. I am so tickled and grateful.

Trying to get ready for masters week which means lots of sales at Art on Broad. The visitors love Augusta landmarks. I am sure there are 100 of them if I look and talk to my friend Robbie Harrell.

The Cotton Exchange 300lb 11×15″

I never can leave well enough alone. Should have stopped here I think. Now I have to do something to it.

I think I am going to have to paint the tree on the left. I will splatter it first then see.

I also drew it in my sketchbook.

Since I filled the page it didnt leave that big blank spot on the left. I can crop it out still. Probably the easy way out.

Colors used cobalt blue for shadows and windows w burnt sienna and quin sienna. Building is cad red burnt sienna and alizarin and a touch of cobalt. Roof is DS green from Kim’s class and cerulean. Sky cerulean.


Cotton Exchange story. At one time more cotton was sold around the world from this building than another place except the cotton exchange in I think Savannah. Cotton lined Reynolds street stacked 6 8 feet high for blocks in the early 1900s. And the warehouses surrounding it were full of more cotton that was shipped by train and down the Savannah River.

Did a lot of urban sketching yesterday since the sunlight was gorgeous.

St Paul’s Dome a block farther down the street. Holy Trinity I

Holy Trinity II

After I drew the first one I realized it would make a great double long spread. That said the sky will be gouache when I get done.

Maybe I will get these painted sometime soon. Gouache required for the messed up skies.

My new BFF I am calling Dot. An alpaca that lives in a field about a mile from my house. I finally took pics of him yesterday on my way home when I noticed he was near the fence. So cute. Now I want one.

Hoping I don’t kill all his pretty wispy curls.

Margaret off to shower and dress. Company coming. Xoxoxox

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