Day 1121 Dr Sketchys part one

Four two minute sketches about 11×14 super aquabee tablet. Pentel brush pen.

The rest of the two minute sketches.

Four minute sketches. Watercolor with my #10 davinci sable. Love that brush.

Five minute sketch and a contest. Add an appendage. I WON!! Now why didn’t I get that free pass for the next dr Sketchys out of the pot. I got some glow sticks duh.

Anyway long day. Waiting for the plumber to replace my leaking hot water heater and a new pressure thingy. $1200 later I was off to Dr Sketchys. Want to buy something. Anything! The house my first born son my dogs?!

Off to bed. I also cleaned he house too to bottom and my cavernous 1500 sq ft garage. Margaret whose exhausted. Xoxoxo

Day 1120 A Birthday Card it two

Taking a fun class at sketchbookskool on Card Making. This is a birthday card I made for my green loving daughter in law whose birthday was Nov 13. It’s drawn with watercolor pencil on Stonehenge paper.

In the meantime my birthday was last week and my disgusted i law made me this lovely Card. Great minds run in the same circles.

Margaret xoxox heading to book club tonite. Great book. The Gentleman in Moscow.

Day 1119 done?!

Dancing at Le Chat 3×3′ Acrylic for Sale

Spent a lot of time finishing this up today I hope. Worked on the girl w the red dress’ s face. Candice I think. Also her hand.

The other girl I know is Amanda. Both are very funny actresses and dancers at Chat Noir.

Now it’s time for a nap before I race off back to Atlanta. I do hope to do some urban sketching while I am there. Downtown Decatur or zoo Atlanta. Love both. Xoxoxo Margaret

Day 1119 more elephants

Not sure what order I did these in. But they were drawn live at Zoo Atlanta. Always more difficult to draw live elephants than to pause the tv and draw them.

One more. These are actually double page spreads but not sure which order they go in since my sketchbook is at home.

Singing on the road again. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1117 Blast from the past

Done almost ten years ago. I actually think it has a lot of naive charm. Tom the cat on the back porch table. Probably done with a sepia Pitt pen. Always been my favorite marker type pen.

Off to hike the Chattahoochee on this gorgeous late fall afternoon. Ttyl Margaret in sunny Atlanta xoxox

Day 1116 Wesley the Cow Dog

After a long hard day at the dog park, riding in the car, and eating milkbones at the BMW Ducati Husquavarna is Atlanta Wesley was in need for a late afternoon fall nap on the sofa.

I took a pic before I lettered it in case I messed up which I did or i didn’t like the lettering. If I could find my white gel pen I would add a small white highlight to his right eye.

Before I darkened the black areas of Wesley’s fur. My son calls him a cow dog because he’s black and white like a Holstein cow the cows made famous by Chic Fil A.

Margaret whose probably still too full of that turkey and pie but off to Sam Flaxs and Blick for some art therapy. Xoxoxo

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Day 1115 My First Motorcycle

Happy Thanksgiving!!🦃🍽🍁

Today I went to the local BMW Ducati Husquavarna of Atlanta Dealership with my son to pick up his bike. While he was busy I started sketching this BMW R1200 Adventure in Triple Black. I found a convenient pole to lean against and started drawing. I think it’s a touring bike and the containers are used to carry the drivers belongings on long trips. I think. What I don’t know about bikes. There was a BMW there for a mere $78000 made out of some light weight metal alloy like carbon something.

Personally I think some of these bikes looked more like airplanes than motorcycles ready for take off at any second. Lots of nice people at the dealership and they are dog friendly. Wesley my sons cow dog aka black and white 100% mutt got several milk bones making him a happy dog.

Lanyon Ef and safari in stillman and birn alpha

Margaret thinking about eating some turkey and mashed potatoes topped with pumpkin pie and whipped cream xoxo #bmw #ink #r1200 #stillmanandbirn #bmwmotorcylcesofatlanta #adventure #tripleblack #urbansketching #atlanta #sandysprings

Day 1114 Be kind to Elephants

With all the elephant controversy last week I dug out elephant sketches out of my sketch books. Other than dogs My fav animal to draw is elephants. These were actually drawn off PBS.

and who doesn’t love a baby elephant?? The show was about one of the elephant reserves in Kenya and what happens to The elephants when they leave the reserve. Inevitably someone tries to kill them.

Drawn in super aquabee sketchbook.

Ttyl Margaret who has some thanksgiving cooking to do today. Xoxoxo