Day 1104 one more Inktober.

You know looking thru the sketchbook I have a half dozen of these I think still not posted. Oops.

Loved this bus boy at Nacho Mamas. He was working hard the whole time I sat there and sketched. He had on a great shirt that looked hand dyed. He was nonstop

Margaret odd to french I hope. Queasy tummy from something bad I ate I think.

Day 1103 Another Inktober

Lucky for me I still have at least a couple of inktobers I never posted.

That Red quilt is sucking my life up and not getting much done besides it. Took me four hours to sew those two bottom Blocks because of cutting up red strips. And cleaning up some of the mess from the center. Not sure doing 34 red on red blocks isn’t a colossal waste of time. Guess we will see.

Spent hours today trying to sew the center together. And NOPE it’s still not done because I have had to adjust all the rows to the same length. Spent all day til 4 doing that when the dogs said it was nap time. I still think it’s nap time. Zzzz

Margaret who turned a very busy Sunday into a very lazy day. Ps almost time for the Durrells.