Day 1106 More prints

Broad Street

So they are almost ready for release. I think I have printed about sixty of them. They can be acquired either from myself or Art on Broad for $50 for an archival giclee 8×10″ print. Fat mans Soul Good Soul Food

I have been through two and a half boxes of Epson Velvet Matte Fine Art printer paper making these. Did I say the most expensive printer paper I have ever bought at $32 for 20 sheets. Painful when you mess up a piece of it not that I would ever do that! That said it’s lovely stuff. Wonder if it would make a great sketchbook.

Sacred Heart

These are just a few of the paintings that I will be offering as prints. Stay tuned for more.

I will be adding prints of Paris and Atlanta as well as other city I have sketched like Knoxville and Brevard soon. Stay tuned. Exciting.

Margaret xoxoxo