Day 1115 My First Motorcycle

Happy Thanksgiving!!🦃🍽🍁

Today I went to the local BMW Ducati Husquavarna of Atlanta Dealership with my son to pick up his bike. While he was busy I started sketching this BMW R1200 Adventure in Triple Black. I found a convenient pole to lean against and started drawing. I think it’s a touring bike and the containers are used to carry the drivers belongings on long trips. I think. What I don’t know about bikes. There was a BMW there for a mere $78000 made out of some light weight metal alloy like carbon something.

Personally I think some of these bikes looked more like airplanes than motorcycles ready for take off at any second. Lots of nice people at the dealership and they are dog friendly. Wesley my sons cow dog aka black and white 100% mutt got several milk bones making him a happy dog.

Lanyon Ef and safari in stillman and birn alpha

Margaret thinking about eating some turkey and mashed potatoes topped with pumpkin pie and whipped cream xoxo #bmw #ink #r1200 #stillmanandbirn #bmwmotorcylcesofatlanta #adventure #tripleblack #urbansketching #atlanta #sandysprings