Day 1121 Dr Sketchys part one

Four two minute sketches about 11×14 super aquabee tablet. Pentel brush pen.

The rest of the two minute sketches.

Four minute sketches. Watercolor with my #10 davinci sable. Love that brush.

Five minute sketch and a contest. Add an appendage. I WON!! Now why didn’t I get that free pass for the next dr Sketchys out of the pot. I got some glow sticks duh.

Anyway long day. Waiting for the plumber to replace my leaking hot water heater and a new pressure thingy. $1200 later I was off to Dr Sketchys. Want to buy something. Anything! The house my first born son my dogs?!

Off to bed. I also cleaned he house too to bottom and my cavernous 1500 sq ft garage. Margaret whose exhausted. Xoxoxo