Day 1121 Dr Sketchys part one

Four two minute sketches about 11×14 super aquabee tablet. Pentel brush pen.

The rest of the two minute sketches.

Four minute sketches. Watercolor with my #10 davinci sable. Love that brush.

Five minute sketch and a contest. Add an appendage. I WON!! Now why didn’t I get that free pass for the next dr Sketchys out of the pot. I got some glow sticks duh.

Anyway long day. Waiting for the plumber to replace my leaking hot water heater and a new pressure thingy. $1200 later I was off to Dr Sketchys. Want to buy something. Anything! The house my first born son my dogs?!

Off to bed. I also cleaned he house too to bottom and my cavernous 1500 sq ft garage. Margaret whose exhausted. Xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Day 1121 Dr Sketchys part one

  1. sandra mac diarmid says:

    such an ease of line!… which sable da Vinci is it? Kolinsky or regular sable?.. Christmas is coming… love your work ethic and joy and the results.. and those dogs!.. thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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