Day 1061 -how many more?! And a beach party!!

Still quite a few!!! ūü§óWe have no shortage of talking heads in this country. They offer great drawing practice. If you can pause your tv it even takes the pressure off of trying to draw them quickly. 

And all they do is talk. And talk and talk. 

And pass a lot of laws that half the country don’t like no matter which side you are on making the other half is unhappy! 

The Decatur Businesses Beach Party in downtown Decatur on the square. Ponce de Leon became a giant beach!!  Free beach buckets, beach balls and balloons oh and washable tattoos for all!! 

An amazing stilt walker. The kids had no idea how he could be that tall! Several people on top of each other was their best guess. 

And there he goes legging it down the block or should I say stilting down the block?!

And a rare shot of the old Decatur Courthouse with sun on its face. It usually sits in the shade. Bytw this is now an art gallery. 

Off to play with my grandkids. Hugs!! 

Day 1058 – 12 Drawings in one sitting

For a while I have been drawing the talking heads and writing down what they say at least some of it. I remember who’s up to what In this Russian hunt. And sometimes I draw them like today. I guess I should have drawn them in a sketchbook but they are in a notebook I bought for 10 cents at target a couple of years ago. 

Co chair warner

Sen Collins NOT zone of my better sketches. 

Sen Heinrich he worked hard to pin sessions down 

Blount just loves Seesions. BFF 

KIng Nailed him down 


Sen Harris. You don’t ever want to be questioned by this tough woman. 

Sen Reed held Sessions toes to the fire over what he had previously said about Comey. He used to think he was great til DT told him he wasn’t. 

Sen McCain very concerned about the Russians in our country. Much better job Han the other day. 

Try Margaret xoxoxo think I might get out my Prismacolor art sticks and color these. #ussenate #sessionshearings #sessions #kamalaharris #warner #ink #sketching #dailydrawing #lamysafari #rubio #wyden #warner #ussenate 

Day 1056 Рthe View at Breakfast 

We always stay at the Country Inn and suites when we take a class at Cheap Joes.  The people are lovely even if the breakfast is not so great. The view from the breakfast area and the staff make up for the lack of the great food. After class Mike and I frequently go prop our feet up and rock the afternoon away drinking a glass of wine and looking at this view of Howard’s Knob the mountain in the painting.  

Of course on a good morning we got to share our breakfast with Charles and the ever adorable Judy Reid. Always a morning treat. They are so lovely! Judy will regale is with stories of the adventures of Chuck and Judy. 

There are quite a few after 60 plus years of marriage. Like the time they almost were lost at sea helping a friend sails 50 foot Chesapeake bug eye catch when a storm hit them off of Charleston. Judy and Charles were the only ones who knew anything about sailing.  So glad they survived!!  

Painted with Charles Reid’s palette. 

Off to hem those long overdue curtains. Wonder if my sewing machine still works?!  Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1057 Mike

Finally getting around to posting my friend Mike. Been crazy busy cleaning house and pitching junk out – stuff not even worth good will donation. 

We had a draw off at Cracker Barrel one Saturday or Sunday morning when we were in Boone. Here’s Mike drawing me. Eeek!! 

Ttyl Margaret who had to go shower and get rid of the dust!! 

Day 1055 -It’s Saturday!!¬†

It’s Saturday and Miss Emily is our model. 

Slathering the paint on like cake icing. Lots of impasto. A little hippy and busty?! I moved that right arm at least three times. Scrapped it off and started over again and again and again.  

At the first break. 4o minutes in.  

Kathe playing with my caran dache neocolor ii and some charcoal. 

Not sure who drew this. 

Fred Mr Mondigliani Baker. A Fred funny today. Asked Dr Fred what do you call a liar a sociopath?!  He said a Billionaire re our president. Thought that was great. 

Jeremy’s. Gorgeousness 

Al Beyer’s huge oil 

Coaches great charcoal. 

And that’s all folks. Still contemplating St comeys halo. 

Ttyl Margaret. Xoxoxo 

Day 1054 St Comey? WIP?

Should have stuck to the hot press fabriano I started to draw this on. HOWEVER a I have more Bristol Board than Hotpress so opted for Bristol. NOT next time. And I may redraw. 

I could not loose an edge to save my life on this paper. And it took forever dry. Maybe I should have put it on Stonehenge. I do have some of that. Next time.  Or maybe hat Fabriano. Fabriano hot press is the loveliest paper and I know Cheap Joes has more and so does Dick Blick. 

Inked with my Lamy Safari and Lamy Fine point. 

WIP because I may do it over and also may add a bit of mixed media like what about a gold paint pen halo edge!?  Could be fun.  

These ideas pop into my head and I keep a list of them on my cell phone. Check back by or check my Instagram feed MaggieinSc for an update because Rachel Maddow is on soon and it’s time for a shower so I am ready. 

Wonder what she will unloose tonite. an ongoing spy novel. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1053 РPolitics 

Hard to avoid it today. It’s all over the tv the radio Facebook twitter. I don’t know about you but the last few days have been riveting. THIS IS WATERGATE!! 14×20 Mixed Media 

Enough to get Rachel Maddow back from her sick bed where she had been for almost two weeks.  

I got the brilliant idea to do this one on arches #140 cold press. BIG a mistake. Hard to write on with any ink pen or marker I had.  

I finally picked up a Japanese brush pen I thought had permanent ink. I tested it on a scrap of paper.  It didn’t run. 

Fast forward to all the heavy lines in this sketch are done with that brush pen especially on Dan Coats. 

When I started painting him he turned into a gray runny mess. This was supposed to be a watercolor.  EEEKKKK.  

I dug into my mixed media art supply grove. Caran d’ache Neocolor ii to the rescue. I started coloring. I lightened him up. The only person that didn’t have some runs was Comey. ūüė≥

A lot of the letters ran. The names!! Eeeekkk. On this rough paper there was no clean edge. Tried a grease pencil which works great in my sketchbooks. NOPE TOO rough. 

Got out a white gel pen on the letters.  Better!! Got out a paint pen. Even better. More outlining with the Lamy Safari. 

Done. Whew. Not what I had in mind BUT finally pleased with it. 

Margaret planning another but it will be on hot press paper. Xoxoxo the news is calling. 

Day 1052 – Take a Hike Mr President Key West #3

Found a few more that I hadn’t posted. The Shark cruise. Guess they won’t be around. No clean water. It’s already pretty bad in the Gulf. 

All this would be underwater. 

And this fun whacky restaurant on the waterfront. 

And my favorite wacky restaurant Blue Heaven.  Such delicious food and awesome chickens.  never tire of the crazy chickens in Key West. 

And my other favorite spot Louie’s backyard eatting on the water enjoying delicious Caribbean breezes. All gone with global warming. 

Sad that it would disappear. 

My sis in law who doesn’t believe in global warming would be very said at Key Wests submergence beneath the waters. Here favorite spot in the world. 

One of my favorites too. 

Busy day. Off I go. Setting up for a flower painting. If only they stay alive long enough. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1051 Take a Hike Mr President #3

And what about where I live? Will the houses along the Savannah be in the Savannah?! 

Will downtown Augusta be underwater?! And the island across from me already underwater sometimes. Will it be gone?! 

Will the Savannah be 600 yards wide here instead of 300?! 

I keep asking. 

Nobody can answer me. 

And you know 45 doesn’t care about our little spot of gorgeous earth. 




Be gone or 

Bigger ?! 

Or  what?!  

Ttyl Rachel Maddow is back tonite. I knew she wouldn’t be able to miss the recent NSA leak. Off to shower so I will be ready 


Day 217 – How to cover that Journal!



I started with a plain Strathmore soft back mixed media Journal. ¬†I decided that if I was NOT sketching at home I had better add hard covers to it…and besides its not the prettiest book on the shelf!


Supplies I used…be sure your box cutter has ¬†a sharp blade. ¬†Makes life easier as does a metal ruler…cant cut it with the box cutter.

Supply list!

Archival paper for cover

Archival Cardboard

Green self healing mat

Parchment paper, freezer paper, waxed paper or deli wraps

PVA glue and or Modge Podge

Foam Brush



Metal Ruler

Sharp Box Cutter

Bone folder

Old credit card to smooth bubbles from paper

Binders clips or clothes pins to clamp edges

First I cut two heavy cardboard covers from the back of an old art tablet.  Good to use archival NON acid paper so the wood pulp wont be able to eat up your sketches!

 Trim all paper and cardboard with the box cutter and metal ruler to keep those edges straight!

I have a great box of marbled and other fancy papers from Paper Mojo...lots of beautiful scrap.  Because its scrap none of the pieces are big enough to cover a journal entirely so I piece the covers out of coordinating papers.

Lets get started!!

first cardboard covered

Cut the paper used to cover the cardboard about 1/2″ larger than the cardboard cover. Use the bone folder to make nice folded edges.


Heres the front side of the cardboard with edges folded over. The paper is glued on! Smooth any bubbles out with either an old credit card or the bone floder.

The covers were glued onto the journal with the PVA glue.


Once the covers were glued on its time to flip over the folded edges. miteredcorners1

Miter the corners just like wrapping a gift.  CLIP diagonally across each corner to eliminate bulk.  Then neatly fold in your corners.  This will be covered with a piece of paper for the endpapers so the uneven paper does not show when you open the book.


I use binders clips with deli wraps inside to let the folded edges dry.  You could also use parchment paper or freezer paper to do this step.  Clothes pins instead of binders clips.


Time to cut the spine.


Time to cut a piece for the spine.  The spine should be the width of the book including the covers and the length of the book. Clear as mud right?? The width of the spine to include the covers. spinecovercentered

Here is a picture of the paper covering the spine.  I put two hashmarks top and bottom on the center of the paper that is to cover the spine.


To make covering the spine even more of a challenge I had to center this boxy looking lattice on the spine. I folded it along each side of the spine using the bone folder to crease the paper. I then checked before I glued it down to be sure it was centered.


At the top and bottom of the spine cut a 45 degree angle and fold the paper on the spine down to cover the cardboard spine.  Spines normally float free and should not be glued but my paper was thin so I decided to glue it down.


Glue the spine to the book and fold over the remaining edges. I didnt need to clamp it with the binders clips because the glue is so sticky it held. If it hadnt I would have held it in place with the clips till it dried.

Cut two pieces of archival paper to cover the insides so all your folded paper doesnt show. These are called the endpapers.  Glue them down with the PVA glue.

Clamp with the binders clips and protect the book with deliwrap.

 Let dry.


Glue a scrap of watercolor paper painted with pretty colors for your title!

Coat the book with Modge Podge to make it more durable.

Now go forth and draw!!

Thanks for looking!!