Day 1052 – Take a Hike Mr President Key West #3

Found a few more that I hadn’t posted. The Shark cruise. Guess they won’t be around. No clean water. It’s already pretty bad in the Gulf. 

All this would be underwater. 

And this fun whacky restaurant on the waterfront. 

And my favorite wacky restaurant Blue Heaven.  Such delicious food and awesome chickens.  never tire of the crazy chickens in Key West. 

And my other favorite spot Louie’s backyard eatting on the water enjoying delicious Caribbean breezes. All gone with global warming. 

Sad that it would disappear. 

My sis in law who doesn’t believe in global warming would be very said at Key Wests submergence beneath the waters. Here favorite spot in the world. 

One of my favorites too. 

Busy day. Off I go. Setting up for a flower painting. If only they stay alive long enough. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1051 Take a Hike Mr President #3

And what about where I live? Will the houses along the Savannah be in the Savannah?! 

Will downtown Augusta be underwater?! And the island across from me already underwater sometimes. Will it be gone?! 

Will the Savannah be 600 yards wide here instead of 300?! 

I keep asking. 

Nobody can answer me. 

And you know 45 doesn’t care about our little spot of gorgeous earth. 




Be gone or 

Bigger ?! 

Or  what?!  

Ttyl Rachel Maddow is back tonite. I knew she wouldn’t be able to miss the recent NSA leak. Off to shower so I will be ready 


Day 217 – How to cover that Journal!



I started with a plain Strathmore soft back mixed media Journal.  I decided that if I was NOT sketching at home I had better add hard covers to it…and besides its not the prettiest book on the shelf!


Supplies I used…be sure your box cutter has  a sharp blade.  Makes life easier as does a metal ruler…cant cut it with the box cutter.

Supply list!

Archival paper for cover

Archival Cardboard

Green self healing mat

Parchment paper, freezer paper, waxed paper or deli wraps

PVA glue and or Modge Podge

Foam Brush



Metal Ruler

Sharp Box Cutter

Bone folder

Old credit card to smooth bubbles from paper

Binders clips or clothes pins to clamp edges

First I cut two heavy cardboard covers from the back of an old art tablet.  Good to use archival NON acid paper so the wood pulp wont be able to eat up your sketches!

 Trim all paper and cardboard with the box cutter and metal ruler to keep those edges straight!

I have a great box of marbled and other fancy papers from Paper Mojo...lots of beautiful scrap.  Because its scrap none of the pieces are big enough to cover a journal entirely so I piece the covers out of coordinating papers.

Lets get started!!

first cardboard covered

Cut the paper used to cover the cardboard about 1/2″ larger than the cardboard cover. Use the bone folder to make nice folded edges.


Heres the front side of the cardboard with edges folded over. The paper is glued on! Smooth any bubbles out with either an old credit card or the bone floder.

The covers were glued onto the journal with the PVA glue.


Once the covers were glued on its time to flip over the folded edges. miteredcorners1

Miter the corners just like wrapping a gift.  CLIP diagonally across each corner to eliminate bulk.  Then neatly fold in your corners.  This will be covered with a piece of paper for the endpapers so the uneven paper does not show when you open the book.


I use binders clips with deli wraps inside to let the folded edges dry.  You could also use parchment paper or freezer paper to do this step.  Clothes pins instead of binders clips.


Time to cut the spine.


Time to cut a piece for the spine.  The spine should be the width of the book including the covers and the length of the book. Clear as mud right?? The width of the spine to include the covers. spinecovercentered

Here is a picture of the paper covering the spine.  I put two hashmarks top and bottom on the center of the paper that is to cover the spine.


To make covering the spine even more of a challenge I had to center this boxy looking lattice on the spine. I folded it along each side of the spine using the bone folder to crease the paper. I then checked before I glued it down to be sure it was centered.


At the top and bottom of the spine cut a 45 degree angle and fold the paper on the spine down to cover the cardboard spine.  Spines normally float free and should not be glued but my paper was thin so I decided to glue it down.


Glue the spine to the book and fold over the remaining edges. I didnt need to clamp it with the binders clips because the glue is so sticky it held. If it hadnt I would have held it in place with the clips till it dried.

Cut two pieces of archival paper to cover the insides so all your folded paper doesnt show. These are called the endpapers.  Glue them down with the PVA glue.

Clamp with the binders clips and protect the book with deliwrap.

 Let dry.


Glue a scrap of watercolor paper painted with pretty colors for your title!

Coat the book with Modge Podge to make it more durable.

Now go forth and draw!!

Thanks for looking!!

Day 213 – WOW I don’t like that number!!

I started my post with some trepidation over the number 13.  I am Irish enough I see a cloud over that number.  I was right.  I had my post all done and accidently closed it…vanished gone…nowhere to be found. SIGH!! That would never happen with blogger.  It saves as you type…oh well we live and we learn right?!!

Time to post some more sketchbookskool homework.  The assignment was to draw some plastic animals in preparation for drawing live animals.  I did it backwards but at least I did it right??  I have lots of animals at my house…but no plastic ones.

I went to Krogers and bought some from their $1 bin.  They stunk. I bought them anyway.  More about the stinky animals from Krogers but suffice to say you can buy them at some Michaels and also at Dollar stores. They dont stink and the Michaels ones have great detail.

I had several pages already painted in my Strathmore 500 Mixed Media sketchbook that were for Dr. Sketchys 2 and 5 minute gesture sketches.  We didnt have any gesture sketches last Wednesday so I decided to draw the animals on those pages.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is my Michaels T-Rex.  I MISSPELLED his name. Seriously. SO I decided to write all over the page. Not happy with the first large drawing I drew him again….also from the front.I looked up T Rex in wikipedia and wrote down facts about him making this a scientific page.


Then I drew the Raffe…hes my favorite…hard not to love them. My toy giraffe is about 8 inches tall!! I drew him from various views like I was going to do with our Dr. Sketchys model.  Rather like the effect.  Then I wrote Giraffe all over the place.  I can’t seem to stop writing on my sketches lately.

Pens used!  Pentel Brush Pen, Lamy Vista Fine and a Stadler.  Also my Noodler Creaper Ahab.  I did add some color to the giraffe.  Burnt sienna and touches of Burnt Umber in the spots.  Shadows were done with Cobalt and Piemonite.

Thanks for looking…lets pray this one posts!!

Day 208 – Dr Sketchys and some InK!!

Every month we look forward to Dr. Sketchys Anti Art School in Augusta.  Its always the last Wednesday of the month at Chat Noir on 8th and Ellis in downtown Augusta GA.  THE most fun an artist can have all month.  Fast sketching, interesting off the wall models – we have had strippers, burlesque dancers, performers, side show performers, automatons, actors and actresses…next month a circus performer.

I arrived with the intention of drawing with my Noodler Creaper loaded with Carbon Platinum Black ink and my Black and brown pentel brush pens plus hmm then I discovered the water brush and the Tombow markers…and it was history!  Most are done in my 8.5×11″ Strathmore 500 Mixed Media journal….LOVE that paper.  Nice and crispy.  Took the water very well.


My Warmup Sketch

First I did a warm up sketch in my Stillman and Birn Alpha with my Noodler Creaper Ahab.  I LOVE that pen…such great lines.  I like to do a quick sketch before I get serious because no telling what I will draw.  I am getting better at quickly sketching body parts…been practicing that since November or so drawing out and about in Atlanta, Key West and Augusta.  Looking at her she actually has the right body shape!! I think I have improved since I started figure drawing a year ago.



Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Journal

This was a ten minute sketch.  I got the figure done quickly and drew in the background…Kind of fun.  I had limited pens to use.  I drew all the sketches first with my Noodler Creaper.  Then I filled in the colors.  I only had a red, a green and a purpley blue Tombow and some grey Tombows, a brown and black pentel brush pen and the noodler when I drew this, And two gel pens….gold and white.  I used a brush pen to let the colors loose…TOO fun.  I had my one and only martini at this time!!  I used the red Tombow for all the skin tones. Some of the brown pentel brush pens for the darks.

It was fun not having all the colors though at first I wished I had brought my portable watercolor box….but later I was pleased with what I had done just using pens.

The gold gel pen was used for the necklace the stockings and the table.


The Valkyrie

Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Journal

Loved the horns…and I discovered a few more markers in my bag.  Three Wink of Stellas – gold, pearlescent and black. They twinkle with glitter.  Another silver gel pen and a  pack of 7 Varsity fountain pens in every color but black…thank goodness they were super on the flowers!! I drew the flowers with the varsity pens and hit them with the water brush!! AWESOME stuff.

I twinkled her with the wink of stellas.  She definitely has the glitter going on!!! You can get Wink of Stellas at Binders in Atlanta.  I had to control myself at $8.95 a marker but oh my is the glitter in them sparkly and wonderful. I used all three of them on her…the black on her clothes, the pearlescent and gold wherever.  Silver gel pen on her antlers.  A picture does not do her justice because she just SpArKLeS!!


Sarah with whips

Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Journal

I really liked the costumes she had. And this pose was one of my favorites.   I get tired of just drawing nekkid people. I like a little fabric to play with….she had a great kimono with alot of gold.  And a huge pearl necklace.  WoW!! All the pen colors are the same as the first one!  I used alot of gold on the kimono both the gel pen and the wink of stella. Also on her necklace. The background is the pentel brush marker and the Wink of Stella Black marker.


Sarah Birdsong

Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Journal

This is my imitation of my friend Ruth’s style. She’s just the most awesome artist with people.  LOVE her work.  You can follow her at BritPeach on Instagram.  Nobody does a better nude!!

Back to the picture.  LOTS of red and the brown Pentel Pen.  Then wetting them with the waterbrush to let them flow.  Gold gel pen on the pearls. Rather like this one the best even though I did it in under ten minutes!

Thanks for looking!!