Day 213 – WOW I don’t like that number!!

I started my post with some trepidation over the number 13.  I am Irish enough I see a cloud over that number.  I was right.  I had my post all done and accidently closed it…vanished gone…nowhere to be found. SIGH!! That would never happen with blogger.  It saves as you type…oh well we live and we learn right?!!

Time to post some more sketchbookskool homework.  The assignment was to draw some plastic animals in preparation for drawing live animals.  I did it backwards but at least I did it right??  I have lots of animals at my house…but no plastic ones.

I went to Krogers and bought some from their $1 bin.  They stunk. I bought them anyway.  More about the stinky animals from Krogers but suffice to say you can buy them at some Michaels and also at Dollar stores. They dont stink and the Michaels ones have great detail.

I had several pages already painted in my Strathmore 500 Mixed Media sketchbook that were for Dr. Sketchys 2 and 5 minute gesture sketches.  We didnt have any gesture sketches last Wednesday so I decided to draw the animals on those pages.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is my Michaels T-Rex.  I MISSPELLED his name. Seriously. SO I decided to write all over the page. Not happy with the first large drawing I drew him again….also from the front.I looked up T Rex in wikipedia and wrote down facts about him making this a scientific page.


Then I drew the Raffe…hes my favorite…hard not to love them. My toy giraffe is about 8 inches tall!! I drew him from various views like I was going to do with our Dr. Sketchys model.  Rather like the effect.  Then I wrote Giraffe all over the place.  I can’t seem to stop writing on my sketches lately.

Pens used!  Pentel Brush Pen, Lamy Vista Fine and a Stadler.  Also my Noodler Creaper Ahab.  I did add some color to the giraffe.  Burnt sienna and touches of Burnt Umber in the spots.  Shadows were done with Cobalt and Piemonite.

Thanks for looking…lets pray this one posts!!

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