Day 212 – a few leftovers?!


I almost have more than I ever post. This is Sketchbookskool homework leftover from last week- Friday. While I was watching Roz’s SBS video where she drew the love bird my cat was looking for that darned bird. He sat on that rug listening and patiently waiting for that bird. So I played it again and I drew him. Often he moved as soon as I started. Sometimes not. Some are complete some aren’t.


Then he moved to the backdoor. He knew there were birds outside that door. That also involved considerable yowling on his part. I made up a story about him as I drew him wishfully thinking about eating and being let out.


Next I noticed my Jack Russell Zoe watching Tom carrying on from a sunny spot in the window. Zoe loves to sleep in the winter sun that streams into the den.

Wish I hadn’t painted the background yellow but oh well.

A quick tiny sketch of Roz that I did while watching the supply video. Has a Rozish quality I think. Painted with Daniel Smith paint which I know she would approve of.

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