Day 211- a New Beginning or Trials and Tribulations!!

Sometimes you just have to start over. IMG_7809
A new sheet of paper a new sketch. I went with the plumbline approach.  Trying to be sure that eveything was in line!  I started drawing her by trying to matching up the angle of the neck.  Then I drew an oval for her head and her shoulder line.I also tried to check the negative space that her chin, neck, and shoulder form.

Making progress.  A little Jawy still.  Colors used DS Quinacridone Coral with a touch of cad yellow light for skin.  Cerulean and burnt umber plus piemonite and cobalt for shadows.  Hair is quinacridone sienna for highlights and ultramarine blue mixed with burnt umber for darks.

Calling her done at least for the moment. I think she’s much improved. Especially her hair! Background piemonite and cobalt.

Thanks for looking!!

Day 21o – Life Drawing at USC Aiken

It’s Saturday. That means the faithful are trekking to Aiken to sketch. Most Saturday’s find Ruth, Tom and I meeting at Earthfare to make the forty mile drive to USC Aiken.

Our model today was Elena.

This is as far as I have gotten. The purple in it is piemonite mixed with cobalt.  I am going to check my plumb lines.  I think the left eye is too high still.  And her hair…please models wear your hair DOWN…that upswept hair may look quaint and cute but oh my what a pain it is to paint with watercolors!!

At least she does have a nice glow to her.  I have to say LOVING that Fabriano Artistico cold press 140#. Dampen the offending paint and it just about wipes off this paper. THANK goodness!!

She’s gone thru quite a few revisions. Still not happy with her.


My favorite part…that might tell you how much I like this painting!!


Here she is after working on her at USC AIken this morning.  Not liking her much at all!!


Splattered most of the background on with a combo of Piemonite and Cobalt…soupy. I should have turned that top paper towel DOWN!! Had to clean up alot of splatters from her face and her right shoulder OOPS!! But the background is my favorite part of this.

Thanks for looking!! Sorry to be so whiny!!