Day 228 – A Bit of Fun

Squirrels are the bane of bird feeders. Pesky things. Ours are so bold. They leap and attack it or they climb upside down on the chain to gorge at the suspended feeder. They even use the screens on the nearby porch as a get away.


One of them was posing on the deck outside the window. I caught him actually behaving. Later on when one of them was hanging off the feeder upside down I decided to turn it into a Wanted poster after all they are thieves aren’t they?! So naughty.

He was drawn with Tombow Markers. I have four or five of them and used the range of greys to shade and sculpt him. Then I wet him down to let the colors mix on the Strathmore 500 mixed Media Paper. I don’t know why I use the Tombows because according to Roz Stendahl they are not archival. The colors are fugitive. So sad because they are such fun to use and give such a neat effects when wet.

Since I don’t have a brown Tombow I used caran d’ache watercolor crayons for the browns and yellows.

I also used a big white Pitt matker to make him look more fluffy especially on his tail. Love that pen!!!

I used a scrap of old yellow ledger paper because I didn’t like the original layout. If you can’t fix it glue over it and try again. And then it becomes mixed media, right?!

Stay warm. Thanks for looking.

Day 227 More birds


I haven’t felt well since last week. I could be an ad for an allergy commercial and am on my third box of puffs. KeRChOO!!!

I have been sitting on the sofa watching HBO romantic comedies like Runaway Bride and watching the birds. Of course next thing I am sketching the ones that longer at the feeder.

The chickadee actually sat for a while. Usually they dart in and leave quickly. But this guy stayed for a while. Long enough to draw him. The cardinal sat on the rail for a while. I really like the way the cardinals turned out and the wrens.

I really love the cute little wrens. He actually sat on the deck for a while staring up at the feeder as if he was trying to decide if there was food up there.


This guy sat on the feeder for at least a half an hour. He was all fluffed up and just wallowed in the tray on the feeder.

I had quite a few problems. You can see in the next page it was plain so I added the old ledger paper to perk it up a little. But I still thought it was boring and added the blue background. Then I got into trouble because the word Goldfinch done with my usually reliable Carbon Platinum ink smeared. I fixed the name with a scrap of kilimanjaro watercolor paper. And called it quits.

I did have a yen to draw around it with a gold marker but no idea where mine is. So I am calling it quits.


I used Strathmore 500 Mixed Media paper Staedler pens Noodler Creaper Ahab caran d’aches neocolor ii