Day 223 – More gulls

My friends will tell you that I rarely do just one of anything. I always do multiples. So far eight pages of those sea gulls. No idea how many pages of wild birds that visit my feeders on the back porch.


I usually start by drawing the outline of the birds starting at the head and chest. Then the shape of the body and add details last.

I was getting tired of the cerulean backgrounds so as my kids at school would say I changed it up to a green background. I made the green with manganese blue and cad yellow light.

Otherwise the birds are done the same as yesterday’s. I just didn’t have time to color these yesterday.


The background on this one is Quin Sienna a very orangey color.
This was my fav page til I realized that one of the birds might need some more body aka belly on him. I do love the look f the Quin Sienna with the greys. My favorite background.


First I drew them with a grey Tombow marker as I watched them out the window. Sometimes I had to give them several turns at the feeder to get them almost right. I didn’t use the bird books or Google images at all on this page.

I should have used a darker Tombow because you am an hardly see this one after I colored the birds with the caran d’arches crayons. The crayons are a lot of fun.

The lettering was done with my Pentel brush pen. I do love that pen. I also did a lot of the birds legs with this one.

A lot of the smaller birds were done when they were sitting on the porch rail waiting their turn. The red house finches are very bossy and try to run off the other finches. I also wrote some of their behaviors down. The little wren would land on the wind chime and watch a bit then zoom in and out.

The chickens were on a netflixs show I had been watching so I added them to the drawing.
Thanks for looking.